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Ebbi (AND SADIE) Upadate from Ireland :)

Ebbi_thumb By Laura-Mai O'Reilly | July 22, 2011 | Comments (2)

Hi! SO!!! It has been a hectic 11 weeks since I've been home.


Also can't believe it has been that long?


But anyways, I have some dazzling good news that I wanted to share with my DogHeirs family :) Ebbi, my wee king charles, has NOT gotten any worse in terms of her SM....


She had EAR MITES!!!

I know, I know, it is still not a good thing for a dog to have, but a damn site better than huge deterioration in her condition.


My parents cat, he is more of an outdoorsy type. He has his own kennel, complete with duvet, and Ebbi & Sadie who LOVE duvets and snuggly spots, always got into it while at my parents house! Well Puss (kitty cat), had a serious ear mite infection (he's all black, and so are the insides of his ears, and we could never tell until I was calling him and he looked in the opposite direction....Odd!) And he passed it onto Ebbi AND Sadie (Sadie's less serious as shes only been around them just under three months, and a handful of times.)


And because Ebbi has drop ears, she harbored the little mites and developed an inner ear infection, much like the cat. She is still on ear drop suspension, which she dreads. But Ebbi no longer screams and scratches constantly. She is herself again :) I have her for a lot longer yet.


Great news........... from a great vet ;)


Sadie is getting on great too. Nothing can get in her way now (literally.. She nearly runs Ebbi over lol) She has come out of her shell completely and loves everyone she meets (except puppies....noooo.. She gets grumpy around puppies. Jealous of the youth I think :) Her ear infection cleared up within a couple of days, and she is as right as rain. She does, however, like me, have hay fever, so we have to look after her, and her itchy eyes and paws every couple days. Little sweetheart.


I'm so glad I have an amazing fur family (with better vet care), and that I have Paul (and you guys) to share them with :)


I hope everyone is having a great Summer! Summers will never change in Ireland As it is said at the moment "I love Summer in Ireland. It's my favorite day of the year" :)


Happy Friday Friends,


Love, Laura, Ebbi & Sadie x

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Wow, I'm glad it was just ear mites. Well, not glad, but relieved it's not a progression of Ebbi's SM. What do you have to give a dog with that - special ear drops? Anyway hope you all are enjoying a lovely summer on the emerald isle!
Great news, Laura!!! Big hugs to you Ebbi and Sadie! :-)
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