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My Details

Name: Laura-Mai O'Reilly
Profession: Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist in Training
About Me: Proud dog owner of two girls: Ebbi and Sadie. Ebbi is an Irish born and bred CKCS with mild SM symptoms, she was 9 this year, and despite a couple of knocks she is doing wonderfully :) She has been diagnosed with MVD and is on vetmedin. Prior to taking this medication Ebbi was not herself and not eating and playing, now she is back to her old tricks. She also now suffers from dry eye and has to have drops in her eyes daily. Sadie is my lil trooper. A dachshund mix from Arizona who came home with me last year. She is 8 this year and settled in wonderfully to her forever home here in the Emerald Isle. x RIP Puss 18.10.11 x

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Ebbi Update SM Symptoms

Hi all!   It has been a relatively quiet one since Ebbis last episode. Thankfully!   Recently she has shown some weakness in her left back paw, which she constantly licks. This month I am taking her to get an MRI and blood work, so I will find out more info on what is going on internally. As far as pain, she is not showing any signs of pain around her hind legs it is...
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Ebbi Update

Hi guys!   Ebbi had another seizure on Monday evening. It was not good, so it was straight to the vet. She got the most thorough physical I've ever seen her get. Including a full going over of her head, heart and all joints etc Luckily, my lil munchkin has a perfect heart (vet gasped at that) perfect joints and lovely remaining teeth (PHEW)... However, her brain was "swollen"(no kidding, right?), which contributed to the...
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My Comments

Happy belated birthday, Sadie!
Thanks Sally :) Progress is being made!!
Your efforts are so admirable! Please keep us posted :)

Hi Miss T

Appreciate it.

I will keep this updated on how things are going with awareness of syringomyelia :)

Thanks for the support

I hope you'll keep us posted as to how your efforts go in ireland! Obviously CKCSs are afflicted by horrible inheritied diseases that seem to be worsening as result of lack of proper knowledge, screening and breeding practices. Glad to see CKCS owners are coming together to help each other and raise awareness!

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