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ACO in Wythe County Va Needlessly Euthanize Two Dogs

1471331_343017152504539_1804630748_n_thumb By Laurie | August 31, 2012 | Comments (0)

Our local shelter euthanized two hound dogs last week. There were at least 5 pens open for dogs who might come in, yet the aco's still decided to murder these two dogs! Our organization alone pulled 3 out and other citizens adopted as well so there would be room for all.
When asked why the dogs were euthanized, they said "Where they had been here for so long and then we had all these other dogs coming in".

There were maybe 2 more dogs brought in after that... These dogs died for nothing, because the aco thought they weren't "desirable".The Wythe County Dog Shelter has had a number of citations in the last year, including one incident where our organizations namesake "Spirit" among many other dogs were abandoned without food or water there for 17 hours during a power outage. Spirit had a wound in which her leg bone was protruding from her body and stuck without any veterinary care! We need this ACO out!

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created on: 2012-08-31

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