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Name: Laurie A. Gormley

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Should I get another dog for my little guy?

I just had to put down my 16 year old Golden about 2 weeks ago, which as you all know was terrible.  But 4 months ago we adopted a 5 lb 2 year old Long Haired NM Chihuahua, who is an absolute doll.  We've had 3 dogs, 2 dogs, etc., and now with just my little Levi, he's so easy, it's incredible, but I feel that he's missing out on good play time with another...
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16 year old Golden

My beautiful 16 year old Golden is obviously up there in age.  She is on 3 different meds for arthritis pain and still wants to walk and follow me around everywhere I go, etc.  How do I know when she's ready to be put down?  I don't want her to be in unnecessary pain and I certainly don't want her to lose her dignity.  She is just amazing.  
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Thank you for your kind words about Denali.. It's wonderful to have support and understanding from kind people like yourself.. xoxo
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Laurie A. Gormley


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