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My Details

Name: Laura Cheng
Profession: Librarian
About Me: I have 5 dogs and a cat. Just officially adopted my foster dog, Elliot, on 3/14/2012!

My Dogs

Elliot2_thumb Max_thumb Charlie_thumb Dante_thumb Lilly_thumb
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My Comments

Hi Laura, I thought Charlie's skin didn't look too good. So sad he was so severely neglected. But with the TLC, new brothers and sisters and belly rubs (and you, of course) he's sure to recoup very fast!
Thanks. Dante and Lilly are my original pets. Then I added Max, my former foster dog. Now I have Charlie. Charlie was abandoned by his previous owner who moved away but still tied him outside with no food and water. I just got Charlie (my profile picture) last Tuesday. He is under weight with kennel cough, skin infection, and worms. But he has been treated for all of the problems. He is doing very well. He is the most behaved dog I have ever seen. He learns fast. He is a gentle and calm big doggie. Mylittle dogs are in the progress of accepting Charlie. He never experienced belly rub! First time I gave him a belly rob, he smiled. Now he wants it all the time! :-) He is learning to play with toys. He is sweet and love me very much!
Love your pack!
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Laura Cheng


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