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Woman’s dying wish to find home for her 3 dogs is fulfilled

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | March 23, 2016 | Comments (2)


A dying woman's last wish to find a home for her three dogs has been granted. Kathleen Zuidema made a heartfelt plea to find a home for her 3 dogs after her cancer became terminal recently. The Washington state woman who lives on San Juan Island turned to Facebook to see if someone could fulfill her final wish - a home for her beloved three dogs.

On March 5th she wrote:  "THE AUSSIE POSSE Are looking for a new forever home.!!!!! This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do. My heart is breaking and I'm sobbing as I write this.”

She was insistent that the dogs are a “package deal”. “It is a huge thing to ask of one person but the thought of them being separated is more than I can bear," she continued. “They have always been together. They are extremely well trained and love to play ball as many have seen at the gravel pit. At home they are perfect roommates they sleep on my bed or one of theirs if they want.”

She put her message out hoping for the best. She immediately received an outpouring of support from the local community and from around the globe. Despite multiple offers, she didn’t find the right fit for her dogs. Her worry was renewed when a news station accidentally reported the dogs had found a home.

But she needn’t have worried as her plea was heard by the right people. The news had reached another island resident - Danielle Cochran. She has lived on the same island as Kathleen for years, although the two have never met. But she had seen Kathleen's dogs around.

Danielle and her husband already have two dogs of their own and she advocates for dog rescue and adoption, Q13 Fox reported. When she heard the news, she talked it over with her husband. But they stopped thinking about it when they heard the dogs had found a home. Luckily, a local pet feed store set the record straight and told Danielle that Kathleen was still searching for a home for her Aussie Posse. 

“I went straight over there and knocked on her door,” said Danielle. Everyone got a good feeling about things and when Kathleen’s dogs met Danielle, her husband and their dogs the connection was instant.

Kathleen’s wish has come true and she couldn’t be happier, although she admits it’s heartbreaking that she will have to say goodbye in the near future.

She told the news station, “I got everything I wanted ... except for the dying part."

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Comments on this Article

While this is a sad situation that doesn't have a good ending for anyone, there are some fortunate aspects to be grateful for. Not the least of which is the fact that the dogs are going to a home on the island where if Kathleen has to place the dogs early, she can at least visit easier, if they decide that is a good idea. Not to be negative, but sometimes that type of visit is hard on the dogs and sets them back in their process of adjusting to a new home. The dogs are all going to the same place and they won't have to be separated. Kathleen can feel comfortable knowing that her babies are going to a stable, local home with people she’s at least met, she’s met their dogs and know how well they’ve been treated and knows the woman is an animal advocate. I’ve been in a similar situation myself when my brother was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer and I took his beautiful white GSD to care for. My brother passed within the month, Butch became the light of my life and one of the best dogs I’ve ever had. I lost him in May of 2009 to DM. My thoughts and prayers are with Kathleen, the Aussie Posse, and Danielle and her family.
It turned out well for the dogs. Even better, Adopted by a local person that was already aware and had seen her 3 dogs. The bad part is dying of cancer. I have a neighbor pretty far gone now with cancer. It is a sad thing to see and an even worsr thing for the patient to endure. I had a boss die of cancer years ago.
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