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Teenagers save severely injured dog they found on wilderness trail

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (3)

Five heroic teens saved the life of a seriously injured dog they found in the wilderness of Santa Fe.

A few weeks ago, Ryan, Cole, Will, Avery and Tristan were out four-wheeling on the La Teirra trails, just 30 miles away from the Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society, when they came across the dog. She was curled in a ball, with cactus needles all over her body and had a badly-sliced front paw.

Five teens came to the rescue of a badly injured dog they found on a mountain trail
Lily with 3 of her rescuers. Photo: Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society

Knowing the dog needed help, they rushed her immediately to the animal shelter for medical attention. Santa Fe Shelter described how the boys found her on their Facebook page: "[They] said they felt fortunate to find her while they were out four-wheeling; the first time they had been out in that area. She was in shock and curled up in a ball on the trail and they knew they had to bring her in for help. All of the teens have animals and felt her pain. 'I don't know how someone could do that to a dog,' Cole said. 'We wanted to save her; we knew she was going to die if we didn’t.'"

Lily a day after her rescue
Lily shortly after her rescue. Photo: Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society

Lily a few weeks after her rescue
Lily, a few weeks after her rescue. Photo: Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society

The Humane Society named the dog Lily and said that vets found 4 old bullet wounds in her body. Her front paw was also sliced down to the bone, which they believe could have been caused by a wire or possibly a trap. Lily had emergency surgery to remove two of the bullets and had her front leg amputated.

Now a few weeks later, the Humane Society said the partially blind dog is doing well, considering the extent of her injuries. She really loves getting attention.

Lily is recovering nicely
Lily is recovering nicely a few weeks on. Photo: Santa Fe Animal Shelter & Humane Society

"She completely relaxes when someone sits with her, and will fall quickly asleep on your lap," the Humane Society wrote on their Facebook page. "It's hard to leave her - you can tell she gets comfort from your presence. She really tugs on our heart-strings!"

Since arriving at the shelter, Lily's teen rescuers have come to visit her and check on her progress. One of the boys has told them that he and his family are seriously considering adopting her.




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Comments on this Article

Well done guys! Best of luck to Lily and finding her forever home. She deserves the good life.
So nice to read a story about teens helping a dog! I read too many about people abusing them. And kudos to the boy who might adopt!!
Well done guys. You're all Hero's for doing the right thing and saving Lily's life. I like that first picture where you all got into Lily's stall to comfort her. I wish that Lily's front leg could have been saved she has been through so much already. To the individual or individuals that perpetrated this vicious crime against an innocent dog, I hope that you are found and made to answer for what you have done. If for some reason you are not found, there will come a day when trouble will find you and you will raise your eyes up and ask for mercy. Whether it will be because of disease or some other life emergency there will come that moment when you will say I'll do anything. It's at that moment I want you to confess to what you did to Lily. Lily, I hope that you will find someone in this world that will show you so much love the pain and suffering you have endured will be forgotten forever. Peace little one.
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