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Police track down stolen Pug puppy intended as gift for gravely ill seven-year-old girl

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (4)

Riverside police recover stolen pug meant as gift for terminally ill child

When a Pug owner learned of a cancer-stricken girl's wish to get a puppy, she arranged for the child to get one in time for Christmas. She asked an acquaintance to deliver the puppy named Mu Shu to the family, but the dog never arrived.

Instead, the woman supposed to bring the puppy to the girl, who has leukemia, refused to give the puppy back. Police were called in to recover Mu Shu and six weeks later the dog is on her way to her new family.

Mu Shu's ordeal began in late November. Riverside, California resident Shawna Hamon wanted to support a 7-year old girl who has leukemia by giving her a puppy as a gift. She was told about the girl's dream to have a Pug puppy through a friend's daughter who knows the family. Shawna got an 8-week-old puppy and set about to arrange the puppy's delivery.

Riverside police recover stolen pug meant as gift for terminally ill child

She asked a woman she knew through her Pug rescue networking group if she could deliver the puppy to the girl and the woman agreed. But the pug never arrived in Sacremento.

Shawna sent an animal delivery service company and an attorney to the woman's home, but the woman refused to give the Pug back.

Shawn filed a report with the Riverside Police Department and asked for their help in getting the puppy back. Police obtained a search warrant and after visiting several locations around Los Angeles they located the woman.

The officers discovered that the woman had somehow learned of their search for the pug and concealed the dog at a neighbor's house prior to their arrival.

Riverside police recover stolen pug meant for terminally ill child

Officer Watkins ended up recovering Mu Shu at the neighbor’s house and returned her to Shawna, according to a news release from the Riverside Police Department. The woman may now be facing felony charges.

"Yesterday, he [Sgt. Kevin Townsend] called me on his way back and said, 'I’ve got your baby sitting in my lap,'" Shawna told KTLA. "She's doing very well."

The sick girl is currently in Pennsylvania receiving experimental treatment for her deadly disease. Shawna plans on personally flying Mu Shu to Pennsylvania to deliver her to the child. Mu Shu will accompany her in the cabin on the flight.

"It was just a blessing. I'm so blessed that they went and above beyond to make this little girl's dream come true," Shawna said of Riverside police.




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Comments on this Article

If a dog isn't yours, you can't just keep it unless there is harm involved. A rescue almost always does background before giving a dog to any family. My thought is this woman is mentally unbalanced.
I usually like to hear both sides of a story to formulate a balanced comment, and if the information is correct in this article, and I have no reason to believe that it isn't, how could anyone be so cold to steal a puppy from an 8 year old girl fighting leukemia. Even Mu Shu looks a little perplexed in the last photo in the police car. It's great what you are doing for this little girl Shawna and I hope that you and Mu Shu have a safe trip to Pennsylvania. I hope this little girl does well with her treatment and can go on to live a long and healthy life without the shadow of cancer.
Yeah I'd love to know why that bitch refused to give the girl a puppy.
This little fur baby will surely bring smiles to the little kid. :) I hope it eases her pain... And I hope Mu Shu gets the love all fur babies deserve. Do the police know why the woman didn't want to give the puppy?
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