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Injured Pit Bull rescued after found sleeping in Nativity Scene (PHOTO)

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (2)

Gabriel was found injured in a Nativity Scene in Cincinnati and was rescued in a group effort

An injured Pit Bull found a warm place to sleep for the night and curled up to sleep in the hay in a Nativity Scene near the Village Square in Glendale, Cincinnati.

A resident came across the dog on Friday morning and called authorities. Officials came and noticed the male pit bull had injuries to his leg and eye. They took the dog to their office and put out a statement asking for help in finding out if the dog had an owner, Fox19 News reported. Village administrator Loretta Rokey then managed to get a kennel and transported the dog to Noah's Ark Animal Clinic.  Cincinnati Pit Crew came out to meet with the Pit Bull and was told he was very compliant. They named him Gabriel and rescued him.

Cincinnati Pit Crew wrote on their Facebook page, "Tonight, our hearts are very full. Rescue isn't easy work, but it's always rewarding at the end of the day. Some very special people came upon this today and through networking with various rescues, CPC was able to help find a safe place for Gabriel and start the process of finding him a loving family. Thank you to all those involved with today's special rescue - The Village of Glendale, All Dogs, and Dream House Rescue and to Noah's Ark West Chester! Together, we found and saved an angel today! Welcome to CPC Gabriel!"




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This is the second story with a dog curling up in a nativity scene, it is almost like they know they will be safe.
So they found an injured little angel amongst the nativity scene. It's almost as if he felt safe with the other fake animals. It's great that he has been rescued by such good people. Get well Gabriel and I hope you find a loving home in the new year.
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