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Boy rescues his injured dog from traffic (PHOTOS)

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (5)

A boy rescues his injured dog from traffic

A young boy braved traffic to save his dog after he was accidentally hit by a car.

Mel the dog escaped through the gate of his home and ran onto the street on Friday in Italjai, Brazil. The little dog was hit by a car but was saved from being injured further when 11-year-old Jean ran after him.

A young boy rescues his dog from traffic

"He managed to escape through the gate and I ran after him. By the time I saw him hit he was in the middle of the street. I took him in my arms and brought him home," Jean told Guarda-Sol.

The boy's mother, Rubia Liliana Rose, is a teacher and says all three of her children have respect for animals. According to Rubia, it takes education to teach respect for people and animals. Rubia says Jean loves animals and usually rescues them when he finds them abandoned.

A young boy rescues his dog from traffic

Mel was adopted as a baby and although Mel loves the entire family, Jean is his favorite.

"We like to play ball together. But he's not playing now because he's still in pain," says Jean.

Mel is still limping, but he's getting medications for his injured leg and extra love and attention from the Fernandes family as he heals. 

A young boy rescues his dog from traffic
Mel with Jean. Photo: Rafaela Martins



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Comments on this Article

great family teaching wonderful values. what a fine young man he will grow up to be. beautiful child with a beautiful heart. sweet little dog has a friend for life.
Read new video for dog Mel and boy in TV News http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0Q3mBcQqd0&hd=1
Did they take the dog to the vet? I saw he was on meds for his injured leg. Hope it wasn't broken. That dog is lucky to have those humans.
I think if I saw a young boy trying to get an injured dog out of the middle of the road, I would stop and help him. The person that hit the dog in the first place just kept on going like nothing happened. Who ever that was they should be ashamed of themselves. I'm glad that both the dog and the boy got out of that situation without any further injury. I hope that Mel's injury heals quickly so Mel and Jean can go back to playing ball and being the best of friends. Well done Jean.
Wonderful children and awesome mom/teacher for teaching them the value of love and compassion. The world definitely need more children and parents/teachers like the the Fernandes family.
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