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Shelter dog escapes kennel and finds himself a new home (VIDEO)

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (4)


A clever shelter dog nicknamed Houdini lived up to his name when he escaped from the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region in Colorado.

The 5-year-old Australian Shepherd managed to wriggle out of his kennel around midnight and walked through the building and opened two doors before getting outside. It was a first in the shelter's history.

"He let himself out of the kennel around midnight...and let himself out of the building around 1 a.m," Gretchen Pressley with HSPPR told KKTV. "He had to actually push down the handle, push the door open and walk out in both cases."

When HSSPR staff didn't find him in his kennel in the morning they went and checked their surveillance cameras. "No dog has ever gotten through the door into the rest of the shelter. This is new for us," Gretchen laughed.

Even more magical is that Houdini wandered into Ashley Heister's neighborhood and into her heart. She found him wandering outside a mile away from the shelter. She brought him back to the Humane Society and immediately put in her application to adopt him.

"We think he's a wonderful dog...I can't wait to welcome him into my family," she said.

The Humane Society is waiting one more day to make sure Houdini's original owners don't claim him. If no one comes forward, Houdini will go home with Ashley on Saturday.

Ashley may have her hands full with Houdini and her other dog, Maxi. She says Maxi can also open doors.




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Comments on this Article

Great story, especially the happy ending! The nice lady just fell in love with him. Stories like this make my day. Thanks for a happy one. :O)
hahaha how cute! he went to do his own marketing campaign. so clever! :D
I can't help but think that it was Houdini's escape artist talents that got him in the shelter in the first place. Perhaps Houdini should be microchipped with his identification at the first possible convenience. Houdini has demonstrated by his behavior that he really needs someone who will take him out for a lot of walks and runs. If he gets all the exercise he needs he won't run off on you. He will also be less likely to run off on you once he has bonded with the dog you already have. Houdini is such an intelligent and beautiful looking dog. I hope its destiny that Houdini found you Ashley, and that you all have many happy years together.
Amazing doggie! An amazing story of a dog that found a home. God Bless.
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