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Police officer saves stray dog who was shot, malnourished and maggot ridden

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | August 14, 2013 | Comments (71)

Police officer rescues malnourished and hurt stray dog
Lt. Matthew Castle saved a stray dog who was hurt and starving. Photo: Facebook/Martin City Police Department

Lieutenant Matthew Castle of Martin City Police Department found a stray dog in very poor condition in Floyd County, Kentucky on Monday. Starved, shot and with his wounds infested with maggots, the little dog urgently needed help.

"I don't think he could have lasted much longer," Lt. Castle told WKYT.  "He was so malnourished that he couldn't even use his hind legs. He was having to walk on his front paws."

When Martin City PD couldn't get a hold of a vet or animal rescue they put up a photo and message on their Facebook page asking for help.


*** For the latest updates on Castle, go to the bottom of this article! ****

Police officer rescues malnourished and hurt stray dog
"Castle" on his way to getting help. Photo: Facebook/Martin City Police Department

Shauna Brown from Floyd County Animal Shelter immediately responded and came to the poor dog's aid. She named the dog Castle after the man who saved him. She said that the 14-pound dog appears to have also been hit by a car in addition to having been starved and shot with a bb gun. She suspects he was a stray as he does not act like he's ever had a home.

She posted a video of Castle on Facebook and wrote, "This is castle, the dog found by Martin pd. as u can see, he's been starved so long that he pretty much drags his back legs and has a bb wound in the neck. He weighs 14 pounds. A big round of applause to the Martin officers for saving this baby. I've started fluids and treatment for the maggots in his wound. Hopefully he will make a full recovery."

Shauna said they've already fitted him with a wheelchair but Castle did not respond well to it, so for now they're focusing on getting him back to health. She said that once he's better, they will place him in a home or find a rescue who will help find him a loving home.

The Floyd County Animal Shelter has lots of cats and dogs ready for adoption. The shelter can be contacted at 606-886-3189.

Castle is receiving medical attention after he was rescued by a police officer
Castle recovering at Floyd County Animal Shelter. Photo: Facebook/Shauna Brown


Update: August 16, 2013

castle on the couch

Castle appears to be feeling better today. This morning Castle snuck in and stole Shauna's breakfast. She wrote, "mr castle must have his full appetite back as he just snuck in and stole my breakfast. Not the healthiest option for a dog in his condition but once it was in his mouth there wasn't much I could do lol. His back legs r getting stronger too because they aided in the breakfast snatching."

She also said he had a bath (doesn't like them) and has gained a pound. "Well Castle has gained a pound! I know it doesn't sound like much but with him being so starved and his body shutting down we had to start food slowly. Plus his tummy had shrank and couldn't hold much at one time. So while a pound doesn't seem like much, to us it's a little victory! He goes back to the vet tomorrow for some more blood work to make sure his kidneys and liver are still functioning well and if everything goes ok then we can start with bigger meals and hopefully fatten him up."

Update: August 17, 2013

Castle has been to the vet for some more extensive testing. He is heartworm negative, which is good news. Bloodwork shows elevated liver levels due to the starvation but the vet said not to panic as it's likely this is because he went so long without food and now his body has to get used to it processing it again. Castle is also anemic and has an infection, which are being treated with antiobiotics.

His X-rays show that he has had a fracture in his pelvis but it has healed. However his femur has been completely shattered. Doctors said he has to be careful with it, but it's already begun healing. He's on some pain meds to help this and plans are for him to get hydrotherapy to help regain the use of his back legs. But, overall Shauna said it was a pretty good diagnosis. Below is a video of Castle getting around using one back leg, but he gets tired very easily.


Update: August 20, 2013

Parvo testDogHeirs posted an update on Castle from Shauna this afternoon and it appears Castle has a setback in his road back to health. Shauna wrote, "Unfortunately he tested positive this morning for parvovirus and is in the doggie hospital so the donations are seriously needed and appreciated."

Castle had tested negative last week for the disease so this has come as a blow to his caregiver. "As if he hasn't been try enough already. Now this," wrote Shauan. "As weak as he was already, I just honestly don't know if he will make it thru. We're starting meds now along with more fluids. He's come so far. This just isn't fair."

She will keep everyone updated on his treatment when she is able.


Update: August 24, 2013

Great news! Castle has beaten his fight with parvo! Shauna posted the great news below in the comments section writing, "I have wonderful news. Castle has been discharged from the hospital and back here with me. He's eating well and using the potty outside! Can u believe all the things that he's overcome in his short life?"

Castle looking for a treat?


Update: August 29, 2013

Castle is doing really well a week after being hospitalized with parvo. Shauna shared a video of Castle waking up and barking (see below). He's begun to talk quite a bit. Shauna writes, "He started something new today. He barks! If you are eating he stares at you and barks til he gets a bite. If he hears my other dogs bark, he will bark too. And if anyone gets too close to my bed, he Really barks lol"

Castle is also enjoying snuggling up to everyone in Shauna's family. She says, "Woke up this morning and couldn't find castle anywhere. He either sleeps in my bed or on one of his beds beside of my bed and he wasn't there. I looked outside. I looked in my closet. Finally I saw him sleeping soundly on my couch with Lucas! Don't know how he got up there and Lucas didn't know either so he must be able to get some bounce out of those back legs now."

Castle also likes to snuggle with Lucas' cat.

Castle snuggling with a kitten


Update: September 4, 2013

Shauna shared two videos of Castle, showing him walking and running! She writes, "Notice how he's trying to use the broken back leg. It used to hurt him and we gave him meds for it but he doesn't act like he needs them anymore. Yes, it's for sure broken. Shattered actually. And he just ate a treat lol... Today is a great day."

In the second video below Castle runs!

Shauna says surgery on his leg may be something they consider at a later date. "Right now he just needs time to heal. I noticed him using it some today so he may be just fine," she writes. "Also the pellet wounds have completely healed. He's still at 16 lbs, which is still pretty decent since he got sick again and he went UP one of our steps!!!! He could always go down the steps but today is the first day that he made it up one without my help!!!! That's a big deal for us!"

Castle in the bath

September 11, 2013

Castle now weighs 19 lbs and continues to regain his health. He's gone to the vet a few times and had his back paw was wrapped a few days ago as it still wants to curl under. Shauna writes, "He's using it more and more, especially if he's running but sometimes when he's slow he will still drag it." Shauna also had a special announcement - Castle has been adopted by Laura Colter Gerard. Castle will be staying with Shauna for a while longer (through October) before going to his new forever home.

Castle's new home will be in Upstate New York with 5 acres in the country. Laura and her boyfriend are both very excited that Castle is coming to live with them. Laura went to school and worked as a Licensed Veterinary Technician for many years. Castle will also have a cat and some free-ranging chickens for animal friends.  

Laura's previous rescued dog, Flea, passed away this past June. She had rescued him after he was abandoned on the side of a road with a broken leg in the middle of winter. It took her 2 months to get near him as he was terrified of people. "I could never replace him, but I have so much love to give to a dog who needs a wonderful home…" Laura writes, "I promise I will be a good momma & take good care of our boy- I love him already." She adds, "I thank Shauna Brown for blessing me with this opportunity!"

Update: September 18, 2013

Castle with his special boot on his foot

On September 16 Castle got his bandage off his foot and proceeded to drag his paw on the sidewalk at work, making it swell and bleed. "No more work days for this boy! We gotta get that foot better," Shauna writes. She took him to the vet and they decided to give Castle a special boot that will protect his leg and paw from dragging. Shauna filmed a short video to everyone can see how much better he walks with his boot.


Update: October 20, 2013

Castle is on his way to his forever home. Two months after his rescue, Castle has made an amazing transformation and has healed remarkably under Shauna's care. His cast is off his foot and he enjoys running and playing and he is no longer the starved, frightened and hurt puppy that Lt. Castle found abandoned and alone.

Castle has healed remarkably from when he was starved and hurt two months ago

On their last night together Shauna wrote, "One more night to snuggle. His time with me has been very special. I feel honored to have met, and loved, such a precious soul. He may be leaving my home but he will never leave my heart. Cas, you are destined for great things, my baby. Thank u for showing up in my life. You have definitely made it better. I'm gonna miss little lamb."

Shauna with Castle on their last night together

Castle's new guardian, Laura Colter Gerard, picked Castle up on the weekend with her husband and wrote, "We LOVE him!! Thank you Shauna!! He is just the cutest little thing!! We are just hanging out in the backseat together...omg is he precious."

Castle on his way home with his new family

And when they arrived at the hotel on the way home Laura wrote, "We are at the hotel-he ate his dinner and drank, and we played with his shark toy, ran all over the room like a little maniac!! Oh he is just precious!! Love love love!"

Castle being picked up by his new family


Dogs are Family Giving Back Program

Want to help Castle? For every purchase of a Dogs are Family T-Shirt, DogHeirs will give $5 towards Castle's medical care and rehabilitation.

Use the donation code: CASTLE. Click here to order a Dogs are Family T-Shirt.  

You can also donate directly to the Floyd County Shelter: PO Box 1502, Prestonsburg, KY, 41653, USA, drop off donations in person. Please include your name and mailing address with any contributions so that the shelter may send a receipt verifying that your donation was received.

Floyd County Animal Shelter is a Donation Recipient of the DogHeirs Giving Back Program for non profits.





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Comments on this Article

what a wonderful outcome for Castle and his family.
Poor little guy, he's been through such a tremendous ordeal. Shauna was such a wonderful foster mother and now it looks like he's found his furever home. Thank you for making this boy whole again. I cannot believe the transformation from that poor, pitiful looking to the beautiful, loved boy he is today. God bless you all!
I love happy endings like this one... To Castle's new owner, thank you for giving him a second lease on life. I am sure he is very very grateful for all your love.
Shauna has been updating us on Castle on his fan page on Facebook. It's called Castle's fan page. He got neutered and I guess his side effects from the drugs made him a little funny boy. He's wearing a boot on his left (I think) hind leg, since he is still dragging it. It has made a huge difference. He has made an incredible recovery. His fan page on Facebook also showcases the other pups Shauna is helping get back on the road to recovery. Shauna also posts videos too. It's very heartwarming too see him and the others come full circle and to start living these lives they truly deserve. I wish there were more people like Shauna. I personally am tired of seeing so many others abused senselessly and needlessly and at times for a sick humans pleasure. SHAUNA-THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO! ❤️❤️🌟😎
Great to see Castle WALKING! Within that chest, beats the heart of a lion. Good work Castle and thanks to all who helped him find health and a forever home.
How is Castle doing?
I just read about this yesterday on a friends news feed on Facebook. I'm either a blubbering fool or I am just soooooo very happy this boy has a strong will to live. Thanks to Officer Castle who saved him and Shauna who has looked after him since. Along with the vets along the way. He has a purpose in this life, and if he can beat Parvo, he will survive. Please keep us posted on his progress. Seeing animals suffer, without a voice to speak is so very hard for me. Just like a baby. Only we as human beings can do the right thing and not turn a blind eye. This is why I love America. THANK YOU!!!!!
All I can say is a big THANK YOU to the wonderful people that helped nourished this poor baby back to health. A dog in that condition most places would opt to euthanize rather than care for the dog. The world needs more people and rescues like this one. Also to the cop for rescuing this baby and not be trigger happy and shoot. THANK YOU THANK YOU... I just purchased 2 shirts I know it's not much but hope it helps somehow.
Kudos and congratulations on this precious baby's milestones!! Love and hugs.
I cry every time I read a new post. Love seeing Castle's sweet little mug! Thanks for the pictures and the videos.
All they need is caring and love and of course healthy diet. God Bless this wonderful police officer....Please keep us posted about he's doing.
So pleased that Castle is doing so well a great improvement to what it was for him when found by the Police Officer and you taking him in. His first dog chew the first of many I am sure. xx
Glad he is doing a great recovery! What an Amazing dog Castle is. Also very adorable :)
Wow... he's starting to look really good. You can tell in that last video he is so content and comfortable in that house. This makes me shed happy happy happy tears.
what a beautiful dog, so heart warming.
So happy to know that Castle is now doing so well, and he actually looks like he's put on some weight, which is great. Castle and Lucas look so cute sleeping together. He's whole world has changed thanks to the officer and yourselves for such great care. I would be absoloutely no good at being a foster mom. I would never be able to let any dog go to a new home. :) I know Castle is just going to have the most wonderful life from now on. Please continue with his up dates though. :) xxxx A big hug for Castle too. (hugs).
I am glad Castle is doing better. I can totally relate as when I rescued Maggie May she was with us two days before she got terribly ill with Kennel cough that she must have picked up at the shelter. She was a fighter. Best wishes to Castle who seems to be a fighter too.
You are an angel. Any updated pics?
he looks great, but of course needs calories and protein to get really frisky. amazing recovery. pretty dog too, just so painfully thin. i think he's gonna make it.
$$ sent today...please start a FB page for him (like Xena the Warrior Princess from Friends of DeKalb Animal Rescue did)...so that we may follow his progress....he reminds me of her. Xena has her own FB page managed by her forever family and I follow it faithfully and would do the same for Castle. Glad he is doing better and getting stronger! Kiss him for me and my furry family!
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