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Metro-riding stray dog whose photo went viral is rescued and adopted

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (5)


Pepe Marvel became famous after this photo went viral. Photo credit: Yamal Chahuán/Twitter

A stray dog who regularly rode a commuter train in Chile was rescued and adopted this week after his photo went viral on the Internet. Nicknamed Pepe Marvel, the dog became an Internet sensation after a commuter on a train in Chile posted a photo of the homeless dog sleeping on the seats of the Valparaiso Metro during rush hour.

Yamal Chahuan posted a photo of Pepe Marvel on his Twitter account that shows commuters letting the dog rest on the seats. The dog was apparently a frequent user of the STI and known to cleverly evade transit security. A video Carlos Farias posted to Youtube (see below) shows Pepe Marvel sneaking back onto the train after transit guards eject him from another cabin.

Pepe Marvel was just one of many homeless dogs in the Valparaiso region of Chile. In recent years various districts in the area have begun supporting spay and neutering programs to reduce the stray population. 

When Leonor Zamora learned about Pepe Marvel she wanted to help and try and find him a home. She said, "Thanks to the concern of the people, support animal organizations and the support of the Metro guards, we rescued the dog on Saturday June 22." She took him to a vet where he was neutered and treated for a mild skin infection.

He stayed at the home of Leonor and her boyfriend for the past month while they tried to find him the perfect home. Being a large dog, Leonor wanted to find the 2-year-old dog a home with a yard..

She said Pepe Marvel is very docile, quiet and gets along with other dogs. Finally, after several attempts at adoption, Pepe Marvel found a loving home. A family in Buenos Aires, who prefer to keep their identity anonymous, decided to adopt him.

Pepe Marvel now lives in a home with a yard and home that overlooks the harbor and with another dog also rescued from the streets.






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Comments on this Article

in brasil there are millions of stray dogs and cats too. there aren't so many in the usa because north americans capture them and kill them in their high kill shelters. i'm just glad this baby found a home, i wish they could post update pictures of him.
Why are there so many stray dogs in Chile? This is the second article in two weeks about it. Someone there needs to step and help them find homes. Glad to hear they are addressing spay and neuter programs.
Glad to hear they are doing spay/neuter. Grats Pepe Marvel on your new home; it sounds great!
I love how the security guards are like "Opppss he went back in... Our bad....."
I'm very glad that Pepe Marvel has found a good home thanks to the good people of Chile. I have to admit I loved the video. I liked the stern faced guards just before they brought Pepe out the door. Instead of getting angry and chasing the dog, they laughed at themselves and with others. Well done Chile.
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