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Heroic dog saves 13-year-old girl from assault

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (3)

A dog saved a teenager girl from an attacker
Midi saved Megan Jones from an assault. Photo: Wales News

A teenage girl has her loyal dog to thank for saving her from a man who attacked her when she was taking a walk in the woodlands near her home.

Megan Jones was taking her 7-year-old dog Midi for a walk in Ystrad Mynach in South Wales, UK, when a stranger approached her. When the man grew close to her he attacked her with a stick and hit her over the head, according to the Mirror UK.

Midi came to her rescue, biting the man on the leg and dragging him to the ground.

Megan managed to run away and hid behind bushes until the man had gone. Midi found her and the two made their way to a friend's house after she tried calling her mum and was unable to reach her.

Megan was not seriously hurt, but the 13-year-old was traumatized from the event. She did not want to leave her home for the week following the assault. Her mother is grateful her daughter had Midi with her. "If Midi hadn’t defended Megan she may not have been able to get away. What scares me is the motives of this man. It makes me feel sick."

Megan told the Mirror UK: "It was very frightening but Midi was fantastic. She is my hero."

Police in Ystrad Mynach are looking for a man in his 30s, 5 feet 10 inches with slim build, brown hair and a long fringe over a side of his face. He was wearing a black hoody, black skinny jeans and a silver chain hanging from a pocket. He was also wearing black plimsole shoes with laces and one red fingerless glove made of fishnet material. The attack occurred Edward Street and Pine Grove in Ystrad Mynach at about 4.15pm on June 17. If anyone has information they are asked to call Gwent Police on 101 and to quote log number 377 17/6/13.




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Comments on this Article

I'm curious. If there is no usable genetic material that could be taken from a dogs mouth to identify the perpetrator of this crime, could the DNA of common types of infection causing bacteria be used to make the link? If the perpetrator in this case went to hospital with a dog bite, infected by one of the more common strains of bacteria like a staph, strep, or pasteurella multocida infection, could the DNA of the bacteria in the wound be linked specifically to the dogs mouth? If this is the case, could this lead to a conviction? If this could be used as a viable affordable way of linking a criminal to a crime, should it not be standard practice to swab a dogs mouth in a situation like this? Megan, I'm glad that you and Midi are ok. Midi, good girl ! To the police in this case, good hunting, I hope that you swiftly remove this individual from the streets.
Good point there, Rob, regarding the Staffy! LOL! A big juicy steak for the pup! Good boy! I sure hope the police has taken the DNA sample of the bite from the dog's mouth then track down the pervert.
Police failed to mention in their description that the man had a large chunk of leg missing and was walking with a limp. Good dog !! .... note to Mirror editor.... see you can say Staffy and positive in the same sentence !
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