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Deaf senior dog who was abused and abandoned now has loving home and new wheelchair thanks to rescuers

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (41)

Norman is a senior, deaf dog rescued from abuse

A deaf senior dog who was abused, starved and abandoned in a parking lot, has a home filled with love and recently received a donated wheelchair to help him get around.

Norman, who is around 11 years old, was found covered with thousands of fleas and sores and severely emaciated by a Good Samaritan in Indiana. The person called Friends of Indianapolis Dogs Outside (FIDO) for help. They came and picked him up and took him in. 

"He was clearly malnourished and extremely dehydrated," said Jeni Christoffersen, president of FIDO told RTV6 News. "He had no energy, was lethargic and couldn’t even walk or lift his head."

Norman when he was rescued
Norman when he was found and rescued. Photo: Facebook

They set out to save the dog who had been beaten and starved. Norman now has a forever home with Susan Niehoff, who has looked after him for nearly a year. She fell in love with the dog and came up with his name. She wrote on FIDO's website:

On July 21st I was introduced to an extremely emaciated, fearful dog who had been kicked, starved, neglected, and ignored. He paced the floor and cringed when touched. I named him Norman, even though he cannot hear his name. Sadly, he had had so many untreated ear infections that he was left deaf.

For the first couple of months he displayed an extreme food aggression, and was constantly hungry. I gave him his space, but also reached out to him. Soon he began to trust me, and now he loves being loved.

Norman is around eleven years old, but he acts like a very young dog. What a joy he is to me and my family and friends.

Norman a year after his rescue
Norman nearly a year after his rescue

Norman has warmed up to Susan and now sticks to her like "velcro". Norman suffers from arthritis that's affected his ability to get around on his rear legs of late. So FIDO launched a search for a doggie wheelchair. An animal rescue in Kentucky donated one and Norman is embracing it. "He's happy now, he can go places," said Susan, adding "He wants to go places."

Norman with his new family
Norman with Susan

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Comments on this Article

OMG I almost threw up when I first saw Norman. How could anyone do this to one of God's creatures?! Thank God you found him. He is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for your love and patience with Norman.
In the Aramaic translation ( aramaic the language of Jesus time) of the new testament it says: the righteous one is aware of the soul of his animal, and the evil withhold their compassion. Whoever let this dog mget in this condition is evil. In other translations it states " knows the need of their animals" for those who want to see it is Proverbs 12:10.
Norman looks gorgeous! Glad he found a great, loving forever home. Thank you for saving him!
Wonderful story. Wonderful Lady. Thank you for taking in this poor, abused dog and making him very, very happy! Hard to believe it's the same dog and VERY hard to believe someone would let him get in that terrible condition. God bless you.
What a beautiful dog Norman is. THANK YOU GOR MAKING HIM HAPPY.
That story makes my stomach hurt but is touching and heart warming and people should look out for animals better they are friends and family .
What a gorgeous dog and obviously he is a well loved, happy dog. Way to go Susan. There is a special place in Heaven for Animal rescuers. They are a unique people and I am humbled by their stories.
The love you gave will be returned by this beautiful animal.. He had been through so much oh my did he ever,horrific abuse can always be healed with LOVE & TIME fully shows you did both and that makes you a wonderful HERO in my opinion.. Thank GOD for people like you Susan! Norman have a peaceful happy life sweetie you so deserve it you really do! I would like express how happy I am that Norman was rescued by (FIDO)!! Animal Rescue.. Many Thanks too all at (FIDO)
I cannot believe the difference in Norman! You are a wonderful person, and I am sure Norman feels loved and happy :)
He is gorgeous! You can tell what a little love will do. This women is an amazing human being, and what she has done is incredible. Good luck to you Norman and to your new family, it's time you know what love and kindness feels like. And I hope you all have a long happy life together!
You are a super women!! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story... God bless Norman with healthy and loving life...
My god he's a beaut!
Fiquei e estou emocionado ao ler sobre o Norman. Parabéns Susan e a vcs, que Deus os ilumine cada vez mais.
What you have done for this dog.. words cannot describe. I am in total awe of your dedication and love to this (now) ball of fur. You are a true inspiration to me.
It totally kills me inside to see an abused dog/animal. I do not understand how someone can be so sick in the head to hurt something that just wants to offer his /her love.I pray the day I don't EVER EVER see someone abusing an animal cause I would be in jail for sure!
How can some people be so darned cruel. Goes to show that most animals are of the 2-legged verity. What a difference a year has made for Norman with a love of a person, his person. Bless you both.
This made me cry & laugh at the same time, God Bless you for having the patience to bring Norman back to live a happy life for as long as it is. He is a very blessed fella :) ♥
God bless people with kind heart. You both found each other, Susan. :-)
Norman you look beautiful! Thank You for giving him a second chance-or should I say first chance at life--as it should be! What a stunning looking dog he is-hugs from the Northeast
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