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Blind couple brought together by their smitten guide dogs (VIDEO)

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (3)

Rodd and Venice are guide dogs in love

Newly engaged couple Claire Johnson and Mark Gaffey said it was their guide dogs who fell in love first and are responsible for bringing them together. The pair live in Stoke-on-Trent in England. They met when they were attending guide dog training. During the lessons their guide dogs, Venice and Rodd, were always playing together. Mark said, "The trainers said that they were the love and romance of the course, and they brought us together."

a couple met after their guide dogs fell in loveOnce the course came to and end Claire and Mark arranged to meet for coffee as they lived near to each other. As their coffee dates grew longer and longer, the pair fell in  love. Claire was especially touched by Mark's text message, just prior to his proposal. "I remember Mark texting me saying 'If you'd let me I could make your world a lot happier'."

Rodd and Venice are thrilled with the outcome. They share a bed and love being together. Claire and Mark said the two Labrador Retrievers will definitely play a central part in their wedding next year.




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The dogs guided you together! Congratulations.
Well that's just a dog-gone wonderful love story! Hope you all live happily ever after! Congratulations! :0)
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