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Rescued Pit bull who heroically saved single mom's life nominated for national Pet of Valor award

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (5)

Chilly heroically saved her owner's life last year. She is up for the Pet of Valor award this year.

Last September, Heidi Parker adopted a Bull Dog/Pit bull mix from the Fluvanna SPCA in Virginia and not long after, her new dog ended up saving her life.

Four months after Heidi had brought Chilly home, she went to the doctor for her routine allergy shots. It was a larger dose than usual, so Heidi lay down for a nap when she returned home.

But soon after she was awoken by Chilly jumping on her chest and licking her face. Heidi told ABC WRIC, "Chilly is normally a calm dog; she won't bother you when you're sleeping and she started jumping on my chest, licking my face just making sure she woke me up."

At first she thought Chilly wanted to go outside, but as soon as she sat up she realized she was in trouble. Her throat was swelling shut and she was going into anaphylactic shock. Thankfully, because of Chilly's actions, Heidi was able to call an ambulance in time to save her life. Heidi told NBC 29, "Chilly's my guardian. If it wasn't for Chilly I would have died." She added, "I'm a single mom, so it would have left my daughter parentless. Chilly is my angel."

Due to her heroic actions, Chilly has been nominated for the HSUS' Pet of Valor award. The Fluvanna County SPCA told the Humane Society of the United States about Chilly's heroic act, and the 3-year-old dog is now in the running for the Pet of Valor award. To vote for Chilly, click here. Voting runs until May 31st.

If Chilly wins, she will receive an award. The Fluvanna SPCA will also win one-year's worth of pet food for the animals in its care.


Adopted Pit Bull heroically saves single mom's life

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Comments on this Article

right on Chilly. he knew she would need him. Thank you for adopting him from the SPCA, adopting is the way to go. dont shop, adopt as they say. I hope you win Chilly you certain deserve it and much more.
They always fit. It's us humans who don't fit
Awwwwwwwwww what a beautiful story, & dog of course, Good 4 U both, the owner who rescued the dog & then the dog 4 doing what it did. All dog related judges should see more stories like this, so they can see an animal is just as worthy as any humane being, as far as I am concerned even more so then us. This should be close enough proof, even a wild animal comes to our aid, so ya. What good are people really?
That's pretty insane to think her dog could detect such early signs of anaphylactic shock. I'm guessing this dog definitely has a forever home now.
So she went to the doctor for help with bad allergies and ended up having a severe allergic reaction to the allergy shots. Wow. I'm certainly glad that Chilly was there to save your life. Chilly you're a true hero. I hope you win Chilly.
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