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After Husky attacked with battery acid, man champions law for animal abuser registry

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (11)

Logan a few months after being attacked by an animal abuser

A man whose beloved husky was attacked with battery acid is campaigning for Michigan state to create a registry of animal abusers.

***Warning. Graphic images below may be disturbing to some readers.****

Matt Falk went to let his Husky, Logan, out of his outdoor kennel where he regularly slept on the morning of March 13, 2012 only to discover an unknown assailant had attacked Logan sometime during the night.

Logan burned by battery acid

Logan had been sprayed with battery acid, which blinded him and burned his snout and face severely. The acid burned away at Logan's face for several days. "Every night had to have his face scrubbed to remove dead burnt skin. He never cried once," wrote Matt.

Logan after the acid burn

The 11-year-old dog received medications to combat the chemical burns, but the drugs and chemicals were hard on the older dog's internal organs and a few months later Logan died.

Matt wrote on his Logan's Law Facebook page, "'On July 9 Logan curled up at my feet as he always did while I worked on his page and went to sleep. When it was his supper time I placed his food in front of him but got no reaction..... He had passed away very peacefully in his sleep with his head resting on my foot."

Matt and Nancy with Logan
Logan with Nancy and Matt

Logan's assailant was never found. Since Logan's senseless attack, Matt and his wife Nancy has been honoring Logan's memory by petitioning for Michigan state to create a registry of animal abusers. The two bills, called "Logan's Law" propose that people convicted of animal abuse sign up with a state-wide registry and would remain on the registry for 5 years.

The House bills (Bill 4534 and 4535) were introduced by Republican Rep. Paul Muxlow of Brown City and Democratic Rep. Harvey Santana of Detroit. The bills have been introduced to the state's judiciary committee to be voted upon. 

Logan a day before he passed away

Matt said, "Even though Logans attack was a terrible thing, we have a chance to turn this into something positive for animals all over the state, maybe even the country. Every fire starts from a single spark."

If you are in Michigan State and wish to support Logan's Law, contact your local legislators to let them know how you feel. You can find the names of who represent you at: house.mi.gov and senate.mi.gov.

Logan on his final day
Logan on the day he died




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Comments on this Article

No words can describe how sad this is, why why why do we have evil cruel people walking this planet? So glad he died laying by his owner x
Im so sorry this is awful!! How did your Angel not have any scars and hair regrowth from such an awful burn? Amazing!! He was loved and knew it!!
Hi, my name is Connie, Im so sorry that some sick deparved heartless physco No words can decribe who did this but enough about that person its truly only about Logan! In sensless act of these nature there are abousoltly no words other then im so sorry! I truly hope this person is found and the same be done to them, as they would do to such an innocent beatiful dog! If there is anything that I can do to help please let me know. I was never a dog person till my dog Benno whom i resuced from bad situation he changed my mind since we have had our Sheila E. (BEnno, and Sheila E have both passed on) Now my Marty and my Rex they love you so much and would die protecting u and family and same hear! They are such wonderful creatures! How anyone could hurt a dog or any animal for any reason is beyond my comprehention! I'M SO SORRY for your loss. Again anything I can do to help please let me know Thank you! And sending your way the best of luck and love for Logan and his people!
That is horrible. I hope the bill passes. There is a petition on Care2 regarding this bill. If you aren't from Michigan you can still find ways to contact their legislators to urge their support directly. I am infuriated that such cruelty poisons humanity.
Have you tried Change.org to start an online petition? This is a very heartbreaking story, I would hope someday all animal a users would be required to register. RIP Logan.
this made me cry but i am glad Logan knew other folks are good and that he experienced love and care before he died. I am sorry his life was cut short by this evil person who hurt him so horribly.
I'm glad that you decided to become politically active Matt. It's when people join together that they can bring about positive change. I'm very sorry for the loss of your dog Logan, Matt. Even though it has been a long time since this attack, if someone out there knows something about this please speak up. The person that did this is a twisted individual, and a danger to everyone.
Such a beautiful dog, and so horribly mistreated by some person or persons who should be treated in kind and I have such frustration with people who hate life and animals enough to torture them. They deserve no mercy.
Very sad story. How cruel and senseless. There is something definitely missing in a "person" that can do something so horrific!! I wish they would put out a law and include the back yard puppy mill owner in that list of abusers. So sorry your boy had to go that way. It's huge to lose an older pet but so much worse to lose him to an act so barbaric. :O(
I'd also take this as a reminder to keep your pets as safe as you can; if not indoors with you then at least somewhere you can hear them screaming if someone is attacking them.
sorry to hear of loss of such a beautiful dog,although i don't live in MI. i wish there was some way that i could vote to help the bill pass.it has to start somewhere and i hope you succeed.
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