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Boy stuck in roadside shaft for 3 days kept alive by stray dog he tried to rescue

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (9)

A stray dog helped keep a boy alive after they were trapped in a service shaft together

A 7-year-old boy who wanted to save a stray dog ended up spending three days and nights stuck in a service shaft with the dog in freezing temperatures.

First grader Raul Kutliahmetov was walking home from school on March 18 in Bulgakovo, a town in the Urals region of Russia, when he heard barking. He noticed the barks were coming from a cement service shaft at the side of a road. When he looked inside he saw his "favorite dog", a local stray dog he often plays with, and he decided to help the dog. 

A stray dog helped keep a boy alive after they were trapped in a service shaft together"I came back home, had some food, changed into other clothes and went back to rescue the dog." Raul said.

But while attempting to save the dog, the boy fell 10 feet down into the dark, damp shaft. He and the dog spent the next three days stuck in the hole together with temperatures dropping as low as minus 10 C (14 F) at night. Raul said that they tried to keep each other warm.

Raul called for help, but no one could hear him through the cement walls. Over 200 people searched for the boy. When road workers heard the radio alerts they decided to check the service shafts around the area and heard a dog crying. Finding Raul and the dog, they called authorities and the pair were pulled out to safety.

A stray dog helped keep a boy alive after they were trapped in a service shaft togetherThe Siberian Times reported that doctors were amazed at the boy's survival. "We are in awe at how he managed to survive, sitting inside there for three days. He told us that all that time his dog and him were clutching to each other trying to warm each other up," a doctor who treated Raul said. Raul is being treated for severe hypothermia, but doctors are optimistic for his recovery.



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Comments on this Article

Yes, where is the dog?
The stray dog was pulled up from the hole but the Russian news report didn't say what happened to the dog.
and the dog? can we have more news about this?
It "disappeared" http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2298891/Siberian-boy-seven-survives-nights-hole-10C-temperatures-thanks-faithful-dog-kept-warm.html?ito=feeds-newsxml
Yes, what happened to the dog? The boy had the kindness to rescue the dog. And together they kept each other alive. I hope someone saw that strong bond and humanity in both and allowed the dog to live the boy.
I have the same question--what happened to the dog?!
I wish somebody keep that dog ..
I wish you said what happened to the dog - has someone helped the dog?
So what happened to the stray dog?
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