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Man gets unexpected surprise when he rescues dog a day away from being put down at shelter

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | March 22, 2013 | Comments (58)

A dog named Blue rescued from a kill shelter gave birth to puppies

A man living near Raleigh, North Carolina got an unexpected surprise when he took home a dog he rescued a day way from being put down at a local shelter.

Brian brought home a dog he named Blue and discovered she was pregnant. He writes, "So I adopted a dog from a kill shelter 2 weeks ago… as of this morning… 11 puppies."

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Puppies saved from a kill shelter

Brian continues to explain how it all came about:

So a bit more info on the story. I wanted another cat for my current cat. He is a very active happy cat, but needs a friend. So i went to a local no kill shelter and while waiting to get "screened" I see all the dogs, and like damn. I want a dog.

So i go through the process of looking at there dogs, and felt none of them were really all that special. So I go home and look around for local shelters. Turns out one of the local (45 minutes away local) shelters was about to put down their dogs.

Puppies saved from a kill shelterSo I take a trip out there with my pops, and look at them. A few loud barking dogs, a few puppies (cute ones, but people were on them quickly) And then she was laying scared to death in a corner of her little cell. So I took her out of that place asap. Me and my dad assumed she had recently had pups, because her nipples and all that.

Well, it was a rough going for the first week or so, she was very very timid. And it looks like she was abused at some point. She warms up starts coming around to me more. And to an extent the cat. While she was getting bigger. I was going to take her to a vet soon. but was holding off due to her being very afraid of car rides, and people in general.

So around 2 am, she starts yelping and moving around a lot. And I get out of bed, had not fallen asleep yet and she had a puppy trailing behind her. So well I did what i could lined her crate with towels, her bed. And did my best.

11 puppies later.. she is ok, and the pups are doing just fine. Might have bit off more then i bargained for, but hopefully I can find them homes when they ready.

Puppies saved from a kill shelter

Brian is waiting for 6 weeks until the puppies are grown before beginning his search for adoptive parents and said he will be extra cautious about finding the pups new homes. He adds, "I am going to be careful, did not go through all this to have them end in a poor home."

these puppies mum was pregnant when she was rescued


Update: April 5, 2013

Blue's litter of puppies are growing up and "doing well" according to Brian. He said, "They have not been doing much yet but they just started moving about and opening there eyes so soon enough I'll have more [photos]. Just been busy going out looking for a job etc. So it's been a bit time consuming for me to get some pictures out…"

Here's a few of the new photos.

Blue's puppy a week later

Blue's puppies haven't quite open their eyes yet.

Blue's puppies have not yet open their eyes

Blue's puppy a week later

Brian originally went to the shelter to see about getting a cat as a companion for his current cat. Instead Blue came home with him and soon gave birth. But it looks like the cat doesn't mind too much. In fact, it looks like he is quite entertained and is watching out for the puppies.

A cat is entertained and watching over a litter of puppies


Update: April 21, 2013

Brian says the puppies are now starting to eat on their own and writes:

"Been fairly busy with things as of late, keeping up with 11 puppies, has been a bit more challenging then I originally thought. Between job hunting and trying to find a cheap vet and helping out with some other things. I finally have a bit of down time, I thought it time to let yall know how the puppies are doing.

They are all doing great, very happy and starting to eat food on their own as well. Playing and getting into all kinds of silliness. They are getting big, i originally had them, inside their mom's crate, that wasn't going to work so I updated to a small pen in the kitchen, that only worked for a week or two. As of yesterday I just gated off the kitchen and let them have the whole run of it."

mother dogMomma relaxing outside.

puppy pile
Puppy pile in a bit while i did some much needed cleaning to the kitchen.

puppies in kitchen
The puppies have the kitchen to themselves


one of Brian's puppies

puppies taking a nap

~ All photos credit: Brian via Imgur @Chuck_T_Bone


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Comments on this Article

Brian, Blue and her pups are so lucky to have you!! Hope the job search is going well. What do you do? --- As for finding good parents for the pups, you should create a FB site for Blue. I have been following one for another dog story/rescue Peanut and they have over 15,000 likes now. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peanuts-recovery/541767002534323?fref=ts Best of luck!! Thanks for opening your home and hearts!
what a sweet batch of little muttlets! i love all the colours and patterns and their squishy little faces. you're the best of humanity.
What an interesting mix of coat colours and patterns on those puppies... they each look so unique. And Blue is absolutely gorgeous! I wish we lived closer because my roommate and I want to adopt a dog in a few months and those little faces are just too precious. Brian, you are awesome! I wish you all the luck in finding a job and awesome homes for the wee ones. Much love from Canada.
Thank you so much for giving Blue a good home. She is beautiful and the puppies are adorable. I am very happy to hear that you will screen anyone interested in the pups. Good Luck finding them loving, forever homes and "Thanks" again for adopting Blue. I know she and her babies are being well cared for in your home. :-)
bless you brian... just be super careful who gets ur babies...so many sick folks who use them for bait dogs etc...they are adorable...and yes..keeping one for mama dog will help...i have a pair, ,mother and daughter, had the father too but he passed some years back...they are inseparable, the best of friends...mom is 10 yrs n pup is 9 yrs....much luck n luv to ya'll!!
Thank you for saving Blue... and her lovely pups. I know there are still a few good men left for dogs and their pups.
Thank you for saving Blue... and her lovely pups. I know there are still a few good men left for dogs and their pups.
Hahahaha, I loved this story so much! I hope you find great homes for the pups.
<3 you Brian...Hope you find homes for all these sweet babies !!
Someone please help this wonderful man find a job!! He deserves nothing but good things in return for what he has done!!!
Brian, Our dog recently passed away after 12 years. We have been looking around at dogs and this story caught my eye. Bella was a give away dog from a litter of 13 puppies. We live in Richmond and will be looking to adopt again in June.
It is SO much work caring for a litter, especially a big one like that, even when you are prepared. Good job, Brian. Hope you are able to find good homes for everyone.
Brian you are a hero!
Way to go Brian! Many people would not have made the choice that you did once those puppies came into the world. If you contact a local rescue group, they can give you help with screening people and may even give you a 'courtesy listing' on their website or let you come to an adoption day.
We need more people like you Brian. God bless you for all you did.
I think if you could find a way to keep just one puppy for mamma dog it would make such a difference in her outlook on life since she has probably been through so much.....It would be the best experience for everyone !!!!
I live near Raleigh and have space for a dog! We've been thinking about it anyway:D Shame on them for not noticing she was pregnant, how could the shelter miss it!?
Hugs for Blue and her babies! You are a wonderful person Brain.
Brian, you're a sweetheart -- but shelters seriously don't s/n their animals before they adopt them out? Defeats the purpose of rescue, huh?
Blue and your funny puppies! Be happy and healthy!)))
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