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Adopted dog treks 10 miles in freezing cold back to shelter to be with his beloved mate

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (24)

Ben and Jade are sweethearts
Ben (left) and Jade (right) are canine sweethearts. Photo: Tribune Star

Two stray dogs met on the streets of Terre Haute and fell in love. Ben, a 4.5 year old mixed breed and Jade, a 1-year-old German Shepherd mix were well known in the Indiana community. Good Samaritans made sure the pair had food, but when Jade became pregnant last summer, the Terre Haute Humane Society caught them and brought them to the shelter.

The bonded pair were kept together and when Jade had her puppies, she stayed in a foster home until the puppies could be adopted out. The new mother and father were reunited back at the shelter until Courtney and Jason Lawler decided they wanted to adopt Ben.

They had him for about three weeks when he ran away to find his beloved mate. He trekked 10 miles through freezing cold until he found his way back to Jade at the shelter a day later.

Although Ben clearly wanted to reunite with Jade, he also knew the shelter workers wanted to catch him and were using Jade to lure him out, Kali Skinner, of the Humane Society, explained to the Tribune Star.

On one occasion, Ben caught sight of Jade on the other side of a fence and ran over to her and kissed her through the fencing.

After a few more attempts, shelter staff managed to catch the evasive Ben and reunite him with Jade. When the bonded pair saw each other, they were overjoyed. When Courtney and Jason learned what Ben had done, they knew then that Jade had to become part of their family too. "He'd keep getting loose if we took him and not her," Courtney told NBC2 News.

Ben and Jade "want to be together" said Debbie Floyd, president of the Humane Society board. "There hasn’t been a lot of human love in their lives. They found love with each other and that what’s make them happy…Hopefully, they will live their lives happily ever after."

Ben and Jade are two dogs in love
Photo: Facebook



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Comments on this Article

I wish more people would get a clue and open their hearts and homes to animals in need! Thank you to Courtney and Jason Lawler and the folks at the shelter who helped bring these two lovely dogs back together.
Looks like Ben, thankfully, might be part husky. I don't know how that freezing trek would have turned out otherwise. So glad they will now stay together, but IMO and knowing their history, shame on the shelter for originally adopting Ben out separately. Glad they are now together.
This was totally meant to be. I'm so glad the two happy couples are living together as one big happy family.
Such a wonderful story! Thank you for taking both dogs and making it possible for them to be together! Dogs love just like humans do and they also grieve like we do when they are separated from those they love. Wonderful ending.
Thank you for taking them both. You are amazing people.
they ought to stay together.....i just wonder,if dogs can find their true love,why can't humans do?i think dogs are really more sensitive and expressive of their feelings.....to Ben and Jade may you live happily ever after!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Best love story ever ♥
What a beautiful story of love, acceptance and open hearts with open arms! Thank you, Courtney and Jason for being such wonderful human beings. :)
Ben is a Korean Jindo. He looks exactly like mine ;) And trekking home over long distances is a well known Jindo characteristic. They are like cats.
You guys have such a big heart!!
Precious story, and I love Courtney and Jason for taking them both. It brought tears to my eyes to think about Ben looking for Jade. What if someone had taken her? So glad it had such a happy ending.
Thank you Courtney and Jason . Bless your Hearts all your hearts.
That is a very lovely story. If only my husband was as faithful as a dog.
First time i heard such a story... a very beautiful love story! So glad Ben's humans are adopting his sweetheart too!
Great story, glad everyone finally figured it out and let the pups be together like they wanted all along.
<3 I love stories like this!
I guess what happened to my ex is that he was adopted, that's why he can't come back home. Hahaha
The FB share doesn't even have a picture of them together in the Thumbnail photos. Six non-related pictures are options, but none of the beautiful couple!
so wonderful love story tears in my eyes..
I couldnt hold back my tears of joy. I love this story. bless the family that kept them together.
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