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Abandoned three-legged dog found by deceased companion soon to have new family

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (3)

William was found by the side of his deceased companion

A little three-legged dog found abandoned with another dog is receiving an outpouring of support. The dog, nicknamed "Wobbly William", was found next to his deceased companion's side. The Lasa Apso cross had loyally stayed by his friend's side until help came in the form of a Good Samaritan. 

A woman had found the two dogs while out walking in Tarleton Moss, England and was able to flag down volunteers at Woodland Animal Sanctuary. The sanctuary doesn't usually look after dogs, but took the dog in and discovered he had a badly broken leg.

William was found by the side of his deceased companionVets could not save his leg and it had to be removed.

"William is coming on quite well and we have had lots of people offering to take him home. It is amazing to see the difference a week makes. He has just come on so much," Sanctuary Trustee Vickie McDerby told the Lancashire Evening Post

Volunteers are continuing to appeal for information on how the two dogs came to be on Tarleton Moss. It is feared they were probably abandoned by their owners and volunteers suspect he might have been abused.

William is currently with foster parents until he is well enough to go to his forever home. By law he will remain with the sanctuary for at least a month before he can be formally adopted. He has a family already interested in taking him home. "They have got other dogs which I am pleased about because he absolutely adores other dogs. He is very sociable," said Vickie.






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Comments on this Article

I'm glad William is doing well and will find a new home. What was the cause of the other dogs death? What was the breed of the dog that died? If the injuries were inflicted on these dogs by someone, then I certainly hope some effort is put into finding this person.
Perhaps it is an animal sanctuary for larger animals or wild animals. Not exactly a dog or cat sanctuary. Glad this dog has been saved and wishing him a loving , forever home.
I'm not quite grasping an animal sanctuary that doesn't look after dogs, but nonetheless they took in this one and it appears to be doing quite well, and that’s what counts. Hopefully it will be placed with a forever home.
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