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UPDATED: Dog to be euthanized today after owner dumped him for being "gay" gets rescued

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (29)

a dog is in danger of euthanization today because he owner thought he was "gay"

A male dog was signed over to a kill shelter and only has a few hours left to live because his owner says he's gay. The former owner said his dog was seen "hunched over" another male dog. Due to the dog's mounting behavior, the man discarded the dog at Jackson Rabies Control because he refused to have a "gay dog".

Humping behavior is typically a sign of dominance in dogs, and unfortunately due to the ignorance of the dog's former owner, the Pit Bull / Bulldog mix has only a few hours left to live.

Rescuers are trying to find someone to save the the dog before 1 pm CST, the time when the dog is scheduled to be euthanized. 

Facebook user Jackson TN Euthanasia commented, "Even if that weren't the most assinine thing I've ever heard, its still discrimination! Don't let this gorgeous dog die bc his owner is ignorant of normal dog behavior!"

NOTE: this shelter does NOT hold dogs or help organize transport. Adoption is on a first come basis. So in order to pull him, it has to be someone local in the area willing to go to the shelter in person.

Shelter doors open at 9 am and the dog will be put down at 1 pm CST on January 31, 2013. Adoption fee is $38.00 and that only includes a voucher for a rabies shot.

Shelter location: Jackson Rabies Control, 146 Miller Ave., in Jackson Tennessee. Phone: 731-668-4211. The dog is located in Kennel 10L.



The dog has been saved! The dog has been named Elton and taken by Stephanie Fryns, a veterinary tech from Jackson. She was waiting at the shelter this morning for them to open so she could adopt him. Stephanie owns 4 other dogs.

Elton weighs around 50 pounds and "was pretty friendly so far. He’s pretty scared of everything, which is understandable. But he loved the car ride."

Stephanie said, "I am going to foster him and have him neutered and vetted, then place him in a forever home that meets all rescue requirements for him."

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Comments on this Article

This world is a better place because of loving people like you!
In all my years involved with animal welfare, never heard that one. New kind of stupid. Female dogs do it too, usually a try at dominance. All my dogs have been/are spayed or neutered. Lib humped every dog she ran into. Funny although could be a bit embarrassing as she was well known. Pic ran with her newspaper column every week. Had a scare with Scoopy's bad reaction to Benedryl. Knew he was OK once he was back to humpin' Bud. Emma has a thing for a certain comforter. Shugee air humps whenever he's happy.
Okay. This is confusing. I read somewhere else that Stephanie, a vet tech, already has 4 dogs. She rescued Elton to foster only until a forever loving home is found for him. If that is true than Amber you still have a chance :-) Wish someone in the known will clarify the situation.
God Bless All who wanted to save this poor creature.
Hey guys, I totally appreciate the praise, but I didn't get him :(, a woman named Stehanie beat me there, but now he will have an amazing home, she sounds like an amazing person & we should all thankful for people like her!
Close that so called "shelter"!!!!!.....Dogs arent stupid, they can sense what is coming while staying at that place. Tear it down, replace it with a rescue organization that truly loves and cares about these beautiful animals...
Thankyou so much, Amber. I am sure now that this beautiful dog will get the love and respect he deserves..... I have to say though, I know there alot of people out there that are homophobic, but this takes the cake!... Enjoy your time with your knew friend....
This shelter does no background checks, first come first serve. Not good...this poor dog has gone through enough. The previous owner is stupid, arrogant and should never own a dog again....join a club, go to the library, get a life if you are that bored. Yes, we all need love and companionship in our lives but it is a 2 way street. To give up on a beautiful dog and throw him away because he humps legs, which is normal for dogs, you need to find something else in your life to keep you occupied / happy, whatever..... you should be so ashamed of yourself.....
But if the owner truly believed this an wasn't just trying to get rid of his dog then he needs one heck of an education and to be put on a list that he is to never own another pet again. Truly pathetic and once again thank you to the WONDERFUL person who saved him <3
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!! Bless you for saving this poor soul. I w so upset and once I saw he was adopted I didn't read further.
Thank you Amber. What a wonderful person you are. My heart went out for this guy - he looks so sad and confused. My dog, too, is "gay" and I love him and anyone who make homophobic comments gets an earful from me about alpha dog behavior AND tolerance and acceptance among humans.
I would really LOVE to see a picture of this handsome guy NOT behind a fence. He looks gorgeous. And confused, poor guy. The former owner didn't deserve him anyway.
The dog should have abandoned him for being retarded!!
So... This person had an entire male dog and was surprised when he tried to show dominance over another dog? What. A. Dickhead. The really dumb thing is he probably didn't have the dog neutered because he's one of 'those' who thinks the dog will somehow be emasculated without his balls. Then he gets upset by his masculine behaviour. Sheesh... Amber, good on your for trying to help him. It looks like Stephanie, who actually got him out of the hole, is only looking to foster him, so maybe you CAN give him a forever home if you still want to! He's extremely cute, I feel sorry for the poor guy, what a crappy owner to have had. Still, onward and upward, he doesn't have to worry now!!! :)
God Bless you Amber! THank your for saving Elton's life.
Cola Mullen, Awesome! Agree with your sentiment about the shelter. It neither holds dogs nor network to transport them. What is this place?!! Sounds like it is a drop-off to be killed for every pet gets dumped there. Who needs that?!! Just shut it down already. Put a rescue org in its place instead. Now where is SPCA or USHS at times like this?!! It's always the "foot soldiers"/average citizens who get things done.
Woof Connections confirmed, he was pulled this morning and Furever Rescue said someone pulled all the others on "today's" kill list. This place needs to be closed down. Where's the humanity?
That's fantastic news Amber! I'm going to add this update. Too bad it wasn't you, but as you said, glad someone did!
It isn*t descrimination,it*s real genocide!!!! It is impossible in a civilized state!!Each animal has rights for life as each human!!!!! It will be a murder !!! SHAME ON THE WILD LAWS AND WILD PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!!
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