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Abandoned puppy found in coma makes miraculous recovery thanks to loving support

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (25)

On a freezing Winter night, a couple found a puppy lying in a cardboard box by the side of the road near their home. At first they thought the puppy was dead but then they noticed he was faintly breathing. The little pup lay very still.

A puppy found in a coma made a miraculous recovery

They took him to Community Animal Rescue & Adoption, Inc. (CARA) which is a no-kill animal rescue in Jackson, Mississippi. The rescue named the dog Francis. A visit to veterinarian confirmed that the puppy was trapped in a deep coma.

A puppy found in a coma made a miraculous recovery

Francis was kept comfortable by his rescuers and many well wishers stopped by to send him their love.

A puppy found in a coma made a miraculous recovery

Because he was found in February, many gave Francis Valentine's cards full of kind words.

A puppy found in a coma made a miraculous recovery

"With all this love, Francis began to take notice... and soon his eyes were opened," wrote Imgur's Superblyme.

A puppy in a coma awoke after 4 days

"When he woke up he went home with some of the wonderful people at CARA to get 24-hour care." He needed a feeding tube for two months and he had difficulty standing up. But he received physical therapy from a wonderful human and soon "he went from opening his eyes and raising his head to standing on his own."

A puppy in a coma awoke after 4 days and needed physical therapy to begin to walk

And after several weeks Francis could stand up and then walk...

A puppy in a coma awoke after 4 days and needed physical therapy to begin to walk

...and then run! Watch below as Francis takes his first steps.

That was nearly two years ago. Today he lives with a wonderful family and warms the hearts of everyone he meets. His owner Harriet Scott wrote on CARA's website, "We were lucky enough to be chosen to adopt this special dog that had become such a celebrity. But to us, he is just Francis, a sweet, loving dog with lots of energy that loves to run and play outside, nap on the sofa, and live the life we would hope all homeless animals could find. Our family would not be complete without him; he has so much love for people because it’s the love of people that saved him."

A dog once in a coma is now a rescue's mascot

Superblyme who posted Francis' story on Imgur wrote, "If you are inspired by this story, reach out! Donate your time or money at a local animal shelter, spay and neuter your pets, and keep an eye out for cardboard boxes that may at first look empty...and Francis says thank you!!!"

Francis inspires people to support animal rescue

Read more about Francis and the work CARA does at their website and Facebook page.

Photos from Imgur

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Comments on this Article

So glad for Francis. Great to see he is in a loving home and having a ball of a time. There are some great people around,. Thank you
Yes, I too believe there truly are more beautiful hearted people out there than evil ones. This is a wonderful story with a magnificent ending. It has also brought tears to my eyes. It would have been interesting to know what caused this puppy to go into a coma and why it took so long to awaken. It was a true miracle, first to have been found, but also one when he was discovered faintly breathing. He was given a perfect name after the Patron Saint of animals ... Francis.
Former owner is one ugly looking creature all the way to the bones to have done such a soul-less thing to such a gorgeous looking dog!
Thank you for saving him and for all the hard work you do!
Wow what a handsome dog he has grown up to be! Thank you for saving him and for all the hard work you do!
God bless all the beautiful people in this world who are kind to animals and protect them and take care of them and God bless Francis.
Thank you to all who saved Francis. What a story and so happy he has a home and doing so well. What a beautiful dog and such a happy ending.
He's gorgeous, looks like collie and or shepherd in him :D
Beautiful boy and such devoted caregivers. Makes me feel there is still some goodness in this old world. God bless the family who took Francis in and God bless the people who found him and deemed him worth saving. :O)
What a beautiful dog!
So glad this baby got help and is all better. Made me cry!!
God Bless everyone that help t
God Bless everyone that help t
Love you Francis <3 happy a wonderful ending what you for><3
I love reading about people rescuing animals and transforming their lives. Francis has a great new life thanks to so many good people. Thanks to everyone who helped this little guy survive and thrive.
i believe there are more good people(thank God) than cruel ones...Gods with us to help these abused animals!
This is a wonderful story. Thank you.
He's so adorable...and very lucky that the couple noticed the box!! I can't imagine how anyone could discard a puppy like garbage!! Stories like this with a happy ending give me hope. Sounds like he's living the life full of love...he deserves nothing less!! Thanks to everyone who turned this tragedy into a miracle!!
Wonderful story. I wish a long life for Francis and his humans.
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