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Grieving stray dog stays loyally by the side of his fallen companion

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (11)

A stray dog tried to revive his fallen friend

A stray dog loyally stayed by the side of his companion, who was hit and killed by a car. The companion dogs were crossing a busy road in Zhangzhou, China and had been seen by locals in the area playing and living together.

The grieving male dog tried desperately to revive his companion by nudging her and carefully licking her head. He stood faithfully by her side for six hours.

A local butcher Xiao Wu told the DailyMail UK,  "He stayed beside her the whole day, keeping licking her and pushing her, trying to wake her up. It's very touching," he said. "Then he pushed her with his head, and licked her face," he told the Mail. "I even saw tears."





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Comments on this Article

You all act like everyone in America cares about cats and dogs...when I drive through central California for work I see tons of stray dogs walking around no collar and many dead on the side of the road. People breed dogs as a way of income and throw when away when they become infertile and participate on dog fighting.
I strongly agree with Teri !_!
I agree with Teri Wilson. It is the most unfortunate. China has no regards for animals. Just their twisted way of life.
You have to remember this is in China where this type of thing is an everyday occurrence. It is very unlikely that anyone would do anything to help either dog. It is very sad, but there, it is a fact of life. Can you expect anything different from a country that still abuses cats and dogs like they do?
Sometimes these stories annoy the h-ll out of me, making a dog grieve for six hours (even counting them) is just not humane to me. Take care of the living dog, look after the poor dog that died, and make sure the one who survived goes to a safe place. This kind of story is just for sensationalism, I think! :0(
i think the dog trying to help his companian is so touchingand sad at the same time..but for 6hrs they let the dead dog lay in the street??
Please update this story. I hope the other doog found a nice home he's going to need alot of Love
A local butcher huh.....
Would a person do that?
Did somebody rescue the dog? I hope so.
Did anyone do anything to help the dog ? Or was he just left to play Russian roulette with traffic in his grief.
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