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Loyal dog rescued after waiting over a week on freezing mountain road for owner

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (20)

a loyal abandoned dog is enduring harsh winter while awaiting his owner's return

A loyal dog has been patiently waiting for over a week for his owner's return, sitting at the side of a remote mountain road while enduring extremely cold weather, snow and rain.

The abandoned dog was first spotted by an elderly couple in their 70s while they were out driving on December 4 in the city of Iida, Nagano prefecture, in Japan. The dog was out front of a vacant lot roughly 1000 meters above sea level.

"He may have strayed too far from his master," commented the couple who first sighted the light-brown dog, "but if he's simply been abandoned, wait as he might, his master almost definitely isn't coming back. I feel so sorry for him; he must be hungry."

They said the dog was lying down looking downhill at the long stretch of road in front of him. 

The dog may have been a hunting dog and is clearly emaciated. His health is deteriorating, no doubt from the harsh elements and lack of food. Animal lovers who have learned about the dog's plight are likening him to another faithful Japanese dog, Hachikō.

It has not yet been reported if the dog has been rescued from his sad vigil. I will try and update the story if more details emerge. 


Emaciated dog rescued after waiting 10 days for his ownerUpdate December 15, 2012:

According to Tokyo Shimbun, this faithful dog was finally rescued by a local animal shelter.

The dog had no collar and no means to identify his owner, however he seems to have been well looked after. Despite being is too thin, he is in fairly good health.

The dog's owner has until December 24th to claim him, otherwise he will go up for adoption to a new forever family.





Update June 12, 2013:

Over 60 families applied to adopt this loyal dog and after reviewing all of the applications, one man, who lost his beloved dog last year, was chosen. 

Here is a photo of the dog looking much more healthy after receiving care from the shelter.

Thanks to Sashi Tada for this update!






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Comments on this Article

So good to read good news! Can you just correct the date of the last post to 2013 :) I'm glad this little loyal friend has found a loving home.
Happy ending for this cute poor fellow. Nice one. Wish him a loving forever home.
I know this is an old news, but I am writing this anyway.. This dog has been protected and treated in a shelter. After a month(December 27), he was adopted to a new owner. Over 60 family has applied as foster family and they chose man who has lost his beloved dog last year. http://blog.goo.ne.jp/mycrop/e/adcbb7eccb1c77ed3251188d8033d3b1 (in 4th photo, You can see him gained weight and with new owner)
Please tell us that this poor thing has been adopted, and is not still sitting in the shelter...??
This is good news but i am still so confused why this went on like this. How about get him the first day he was found. Wierd story. Must be something we are missing.
What the hell is wrong with humanity (not all); this dog had to wait 11 excruciating, painful, freezing days for some one or some shelter to decide that they should rescue this poor animal? R U KIDDING ME? How could they sleep at night..... who the hell cares about an update on whether he is still alive or not, rescue it. I think THAT would be priority. To leave it there after seeing it emaciated and likely to die any time, and then post it on line? What were they thinking?
It just breaks my heart. No animal deserves this. I hope and pray he finds a family who will give him all the love and attention he desires.
So glad this baby was rescued and can't understand how anyone can just leave a member of their family like this. So heartbreaking. May he get the BEST fur-ever home, he sure deserves it.
I'm glad to see finally they got the pup... I understand sometimes you can't catch the Pups but at the least I would have fed him everyday...
Lisa, I believe some people against their heart's conscience will CHOOSE to turn a blind eye because it's only "a dog". Heck, some will act the same way to their own fellow beings thinking "That is not my problem." That type of thinking is very difficult to comprehend but there is always a story behind it.
That is so sad and disturbing, If I came across a lost animal and saw that it was starving I sure wouldn't have left it behind, that dog would have been home with me , WARM, and FEED!!!!!! People still blow me away with their actions, in this case LACK OF!!!!!!!
Wow, it took 11 days to rescue this poor animal? What the hell is wrong with humanity?
Thank you for the update!!! God Bless!!!
I agree, it seems like this poor dog is being used for sensationalism instead of rescuing him. The longer I live, the more I do not understand human beings, and I am 68 yrs. old. Please show us that he is being looked after... and, unless there is a VERY good reason for abandoning him, please don't give him back to his owner. :0(
This picture is disturbing. What is the purpose of this? Stirring up emotions?!! That is all great and wonderful that this dog is displaying its utmost loyalty and unconditional love to its owner. However, it's dying from starvation. There is no time to be an adoring Hachiko fan. Someone needs to contact an animal rescue org ASAP. Japanese are well known as dog lovers.
I agree. The last sentence should have read: "The dog has been rescued, restored in health, and is waiting for an adoption to a lovely family."
Who ever is taking the pictures sure the hell should have fed this poor dog as the very least...
"I feel so sorry for him; he must be hungry." If that couple really felt sorry for him, why didn't they feed him or at least go back and take care of the poor animal. I hope someone rescued him.
why in hell is this dog not rescued yet??? waiting for updates? update will be he is dead! common sense says GET THAT DOG IN A SAFE PLACE. IF ONLY I LIVED THERE--I'D TAKE THE DOG B/4 ANY NEWS BREAKS OUT ON THE POOR PUPPY.
This dog hasn't been rescued yet?!?! WHY?!?! Someone needs to go save this poor dog!
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