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Faithful dog stayed by his deceased owner's side for 21 days before rescued

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (11)

A dog stayed faithfully by the side of his deceased owner for 3 weeks

For three weeks, a Cocker Spaniel named Rocky stayed loyally by the side of his deceased owner. Hunters found the body of missing 70-year-old André Blanchot with his faithful companion curled up next to him near Narbonne, France on Sunday.  

A dog stayed faithfully by the side of his deceased owner for 3 weeksAndré had not been seen since November 11, after he went out to pick mushrooms accompanied by Rocky. Hunters found the pair in a Hautes Corbières vineyard off a rarely used trail. 

The hunters had spotted André's car and surmised André may have had a heart attack while changing a wheel on his car. At first they thought Rocky had died as well, as he lay unmoving by André's body, but then discovered the dog was still alive. 

Police believe the faithful dog most likely survived from drinking from puddles of water near his owner. Rocky was very thin after his long vigil and was taken to the pound where he was later retrieved by André's daughter, who had given Rocky to her father 9 years ago after adopting the dog from SPA Narbone. 

a dog was found 3 weeks by the side of his deceased owner
Photo: Newsring



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Comments on this Article

The love of a dog to its master, so sad but so beautiful...
God bless Rocky! A true picture of love and loyalty!
This is an amazing story. What love!! Anyone who thinks that dogs (or any animals for that matter) don't have souls needs to read this story.
That's man's best friend for you. The most loyal creatures in the world.
Rocky knew his place was with Andre and he likely would have remained there even if it meant he too would perish, and he would have if they if they hadn’t been found. Animals have such higher developed senses of loyalty than humans do. We see it on the blogs of this site all of the time and only on occasion, we see where a human does something remarkable for an animal. If only man could learn these traits from animals, this would be such a better world, but I'm afraid I'm much too old and cynical to believe that could ever happen.
Love this story! Brought tears to my eyes, so glad he was rescued by family!
such a heartwarming story about how Rocky would not leave his buddy's side even in death..................dogs are man's best friend.............
I had one of those for almost twelve years... Nelson was bought from people I call " multipliers" (breeders do not do the stuff these folks were doing..) He was my faithful little knight with fluffy ears and bottomless stomach (haha ) and basically went wherever I went. Seeing the picture of Rocky was like seeing Nelson's little ghost.. He also came from France, I did not find any Cocker like this around here in Germany yet. Such a heart wrenching story to read, but... oh the faithfulness displayed!!!
I need a tissue!! What a sad story but a good outcome!!
God bless Rocky and the family who lost a loved one.
God bless both.
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