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Heroic K9 honored for protecting fallen partner and officers during shootout

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | October 27, 2012 | Comments (6)

Jynx is a hero dog

A K9 Officer who bravely protected his fellow officers during an instense shootout that took the life of his partner, will be recognized nationally for his heroic actions. The German Shepherd Dog named Jynx has since retired, but will be honored as a Hero dog at the Hallmark Hero Dog Awards.

Deputy Sherriff Pagerly and K9 JynxOn June 29, 2011, K9 officer Jynx and his partner Berks County Deputy Sheriff K-9 Handler Kyle Pagerly were serving a warrant when Pagerly was fatally wounded during a shootout near Hawk Mountain in Pennsylvania.

Pagerly and Jynx were in a task force of county, state and federal officers that arrived in Berks County's Albany Township to arrest 25-year-old Matthew Connor. Connor had fired shots toward family members and friends two days earlier. When the officers arrived, Connor was lying in ambush up a hill in the woods behind the family's home. He was dressed in full camouflage gear and armed with two knives, two guns and large-capacity magazines.

Jynx was first to detect the hidden shooter and charged up the hill, flushing out the sniper who rose and began firing an AK-47. Deputy Pagerly was shot seconds before Jynx got a bite on the shooter. Jynx not only alerted assisting deputies to the ambush but bought them valuable time during the instense shootout. During the ensuing gunfire, Jynx desperately worked to pull Pagerly out of harm's way, as well as another officer attempting to assist the fatally injured Pagerly. The gunman was killed at the scene and tragically Pagerly later died at hospital from his injuries.

After the incident, Jynx was awarded the Medal of Honor by the department and is credited for saving several law enforcement officers that day.

Deputy Sherriff Pagerly and K9 JynxThe German Shepherd retired from the force and now lives in Shillington with Pagerly's wife, Alecia and their baby girl, Savannah. Alecia was just a few weeks pregnant when Kyle Pagerly, 28, was killed.

During ther time together, Jynx and Deputy Sherriff Pagerly performed hundreds of police dog and safety demonstrations throughout the county. Pagerly was a U.S. Army Military Police veteran, who served in Kosovo and Iraq, and was well respected and loved in the community.

Jynx retired after the incident and now lives with Alecia and baby Savannah. Jynx and his family continue to honor Kyle's legacy by making unofficial public appearances and supporting K9s4COPs, an organization that helps police departments afford K9s when they otherwise would not be able to.

For the Berks County community, they already know Jynx is a hero dog, but they are thrilled that he is soon to be honored for his dedication, service and bravery in protecting his fellow officers.

Jynx is a hero dog

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Comments on this Article

This has me in tears. After losing a family member who was a Police Officer killed in the line of duty I can only imagine his wifes pain. I am so glad they retired Jynx to live the rest of his life out protecting and loving the family. Officer Pagerly thank you for your service to this country, and your community, may you rest in piece.
I feel so sorry for the family of Officer Pagerly. Little Savannah will never get to know her father and Alecia has lost the love of her life. I'm glad, though, that Officer Jynx was able to retire and help bring up little Savannah. I am sure that is what her daddy would have wanted.
Oh,WOW,this made me cry,well done Jynx,u and your partner are herous!!!xxxx
Well done Jynx ! My condolences go out to Alecia and little Savannah.
A beautiful GS! Bravery and loyalty on top of that! Couldn't ask for more from Officer Jynx. He deserves every bit of the award (Hoping he has gotten a few really juicy steaks since), respect and love from everyone especially dog lovers. Enjoy your retirement, Office Jynx!
Retired K9 OfficerJynx is a gorgeous and extremely devoted, brave dog! What a credit he was to the police force. I am so sorry for the family of Officer Pagerley. His family will always feel safe with Jynx.
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