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UPDATE: Stray pit bull rescued by compassionate news anchor finds new forever home (VIDEO)

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | October 23, 2012 | Comments (58)

News anchor Angi Gonzalez rescues pit bullAngi Gonzales, news anchor, rescues stray pit bull

News anchor Angi Gonzalez rescues pit bull

A news anchor in South Toledo rescued a tan and white Pitbull who had been wandering outside the WNWO studio for days. Last Monday, Angi Gonzalez managed to lure the female dog with her chicken dinner, and calmly carried the dog to her car. Angi says that the dog had nearly been hit by a car just prior being rescued. The dog appeared afraid, but gentle, as seen in video taken of Angi's rescue.

The dog was taken to the Lucas County Dog Warden. Angi visited the dog the next day and the pit bull mix wagged her tail from inside her temporary kennel. Angi marvelled at how the rescued dog stood quietly, never barking despite the other strays barking away.

Despite airing the story repeatedly, no one stepped forward to claim the dog. Lucas County Dog Warden Julie Lyle says when the pup arrived she was given intake vaccinations, a quick exam and checked for a microchip (she did not have one). It appears the dog has given birth at least once.

The Pit bull has been named Lula Belle and has passed an aggression test and will undergo further heath exams to determine when, and if, she will be available for adoption. Several people have expressed interest in Lula Belle's care. Julie Lyle is happy people want to help the dog and points out they have 50 other dogs available. "A lot of people focus on a dog that has media attention...she needs a home just like the rest of our dogs but unfortunately we have probably 130 dogs in our building now and probably 50 up for adoption," Julie said. 

Anyone interested in possibly adopting Lula Belle or another dog at Lucas County Animal Shelter can visit the Dog Warden's website. To see all the dogs available at the shelter visit their PetFinder page. If you know who the dog may belong to please email WNWO at news@wnwo.com.

Update October 23, 2012:

After going unclaimed for 3 days, Lula Belle was awarded to the Dog Warden and given a series of tests. She has now passed a more thorough health exam in addition to the aggression test.

Today, she was spayed and will be ready for a new home by Wednesday. 

Many people have suggested that Angi adopt Lula Belle, but Angi says it's not possible.

Angi explained, "I already have two dogs, a boxer/boston terrier and a german shephard, and I am not allowed to have anymore at my place. But I know we are going to find her a good home. I'll work my hardest : )"

Update October 25, 2012:

Lula Belle went up for adoption on Wednesday and remains available for adoption today. Anyone interested in possibly adopting Lulu Belle can arrange a visit with her by contacting the Lucas County Animal Shelter at (419) 213-2800. Lula Belle has passed her health and behavioral checks and is now looking for her forever home!

Update November 7, 2012:

Lula Belle has officially been adopted! She went home with Tim Curry to live with her new forever family yesterday! 

Tim says that Lula Belle is "a really shy gal but I know she'll grow out of that with time but on the up side she loves my grandson her tail just go's crazy everytime she ner him."

Tim declined a request to have media present when he picked up Lula Belle from the shelter, expressing fear that the attention may jeapordize a case involving his daughter, Carissa, even though Carissa and Tim do not live at the same residence. Carissa is currently involved in a legal battle and says that her loyal dog Duke is being unfairly labelled as a "dangerous dog" for defending their home from an intruder (Here is the link to Carissa's story "Single mom asks public for support after dog bites alleged home intruder")

Below are some photos Tim has shared of Lula Belle's first day home, meeting members of her extended family.

Stray pit bull rescued by compassionate news anchor finds new forever home
Lula Belle meets Tim's grandson Kaleb and "grand-dog" Duke


Stray pit bull rescued by compassionate news anchor finds new forever home
Lula Belle gets a hug


Stray pit bull rescued by compassionate news anchor finds new forever home
Lula Belle and Kaleb


Lula Belle at home
Lula Belle and Kaleb

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Comments on this Article

Bless everyone involved. These creatures love us more than themselves. They all deserve a good home. Remember to spay and neuter.
It's amazing how innocent creatures recognize each other and bond together. Thou dogs will love not matter what!
wonderful that she is in a home!!!! what a sweetheart and so glad Tim Curry took her in
hello all it is so amazing how lula belle took to my grandson she follows him all over the house they have become very best friends and its strange she will only take treat from him Ive never seen anything like the bond she has formed with him
These are heartwarming photos which speak louder and more poignantly than anything Tim could write ! Thank you..
Hey Tim. I have been sharing Dukes story via my personal facebook and my pit bull community site since it started. I didn't realize you were involved in that case even though I am connected with your daughter there. I hope that everything turns out for the best for Duke. Having TLP on your side is a great thing. We have lost the fight against BSL several times, but lately we've been winning more and I am very hopeful that one day BSL will be gone for good.
hello again all as you all probley no we are still in a legal battle over duke are other pit bull we found out today his appeal was turned down by the judge they said it was'nt filed in time but in fact it was so now we have to appeal it to a higher court and until that happens the lexus project can't help us and that hurts. as for my daughters crimal case for duke being a dangerous dog atlarge it is going to a 12 man jury trail on the 20th of december. so I'm asking you all to please share dukes story we still need help from all of you the legal bills are mounting faster then the dontions are coming in. and like i said once befor if I have to I will morage my house to fight this to the end I hope with all your help I wont have to do that but i'm willing to if needed.so please please help spread dukes story thank you all so so much god bless
Very true, Angi. I couldn't agree more.
I have to say that I am thrilled that this turned out well for Lula Bell. I'll also add that those of us who express concern about a pit bull type dog being dropped at a known kill shelter are right in doing so. Thousands of pit bulls are killed in shelters weekly just because they look like of 'type' and are deemed dangerous. Those concerns stand and I hope that people will think twice before taking any animal to a shelter unless it's no kill. If you can't foster yourself, call your local vets and speak with them about possible foster homes. Thanks.
Guys - I think we should all stop talking about each others comments. Not everyone agrees on what should have happened what is important is that this dog is in a good home. I had a talk with Tim Curry's daughter today (her son is pictured in the photos above) and she tells me her son just adores her ...and she likes to follow him around. I think all of us are glad that this story has a happy ending : )
@Tim - very happy for you and your girl. You will forever be her hero and I love that she has a kid of her very own now. You are awesome.
Hi everyone, while you are welcome to share your opinion, please refrain from personal attacks, making off-topic comments and keep your comments clean and family friendly. Any comments that do no comply with the Terms of Service for this site will be removed.
@Tim, great ending to a sad story. You know (but others don't) that I removed my posts because of one person's intent on making Angi, you, and me look bad. I felt that leaving the posts up only drew attention away from the main purpose of the story, to save a dog's life, and instead placed too much attention on one person's misguided and uninformed opinion. Most people on this site believed that Angi did a good deed. You continued that good deed by stepping up to the plate and giving this dog a forever home. Kudos to you and to those who actually do something good instead of just passing judgment and spewing hatred. I hope the best for you and your family and for the newest addition of that family, Lulu Belle.
Sarah, sorry you see concern for Lula Belle's safety as negativity. It's because I DO rescue stray Pit Bulls and take them into my home with my 4 other rescued dogs that I am concerned for them. It's the people who aren't involved in animal resuce that can be a little naive about what can happen to these dogs after they are adopted and taken home. As a rescuer, you would be amazed at the percautions I take when rehoming one of these dog's. You can never take it for granted that the adopter is a good person and only has the dog's best interest in mind. Doing anything less for these dogs is just irresponsible. Sorry you only see it as "negativity".
Thank you Tim for rescuing Lula! I'm sorry for those few people who had to be negative and only saw the worst of the situation. It's not that easy just to go adopt a dog, especially Pit Bulls when you have another pet or have kids. Most people don't want to spend the money and time to adopt a dog that's been a stray. Your kind and generous heart is very much appreciated to save a wonderful breed who is mis understood by so many. Lula is a beautiful dog and deserves lots of love and attention! God Bless you Tim and wish you the best raising Lula!
Hello all I just wanted to take a minute and let you all know we brought lula belle home today she is a really shy gal but I know she'll grow out of that with time but on the up side she loves my grandson her tail just go's crazy everytime she ner him. Angie this is for your thank you for all you done for lula belle.And I'm sry you could'nt be there when we picked her up but we could not put dukes case in harms way I truly hope you understand. I will keep everyone updated on lula belles progress
As a rescuer of Pit Bulls, I can say that being concerned and suspicious about where this dog is going is more than justified. Horrific things happen to these dogs just because of their breed. I truly hope Tim is on the up and up and has nothing but honorable intentions for this sweet little Pittie. I have seen things done to these wonderful dogs that will make your toes curl. Good luck Lula Belle. I hope Angi will continue to follow up with her to make sure she is safe and in a good home.
sry to the rest of you but ive listened to all the stupidness out of this mary kuhnley that im going to so this is to you mary when I was a child my mother taught me this if you don't have something nice to say keep your mouth shut and say nothing at all I sure wish your mother would of taught you that. for the rest of you I promice you that I will post pictures as soon as we get her home.
The dog was spayed on the 23rd, according 2 the Lucas County Dog Warden. On Oct. 24th, Tim said that the dog would B reunited with the owner & the 2 5 week old puppies. On the 31st, Tim says she has not been spayed! If the puppies are 5 weeks old, she would still nursing them. Legally, puppies must B 8 weeks old B4 being separated from the mother. On the 30th he said he took his other dogs 2 meet Lulu but on Nov. 2nd they said that Tim will B taking her home 2 meet her 4ever family. 4give 4 being skeptical, but some on these things just don't add up. This story has taken so many twists & turns from the start that it's quite difficult 2 follow. My concern is 4 the dog, hopefully this will end happily.
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