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UPDATE: Shih Tzu reunited with family after incredible rescue of dog stranded at sea by paddle boarder (VIDEO)

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (27)

Charlie Head rescued Bam-Bam from a watery grave
Charlie Head rescued Bam-Bam who was stranded out in the ocean.

A paddle boarder out in Herne Bay off the Kent coast in England spotted a puppy stranded on a rock several hundred feet from shore and surrounded by water. The tide was coming in and the pup was just minutes away from being swept out to sea.

The man named Charlie Head filmed his rescue of the frightened, soaked Shih Tzu pup. As he paddled out to the dog he comments, "He's just sat out there like a little dude, wondering what to do. He definitely needs a rescue - in about 10 minutes he'll be completely covered in water."

Charlie gets the pup on his board and comforts him before paddling in to shore. He took the small dog to a nearby pub by the ocean front. A dog warden revealed the dog's name is Bam-Bam and is currently trying to contact the owner. A server at the pub said, "If they can't trace the owner I am going to keep him. Poor Bam-Bam." In the meantime, Bam Bam is safe at Lord Whisky Animal Sanctuary.

Charlie reaches Bam-Bam stuck out on the rocksthe rocks where Bam-Bam was stranded
Charlie reaches Bam-Bam on the rocks (left); the rocks where the dog nearly perished (right)

Update October 19, 2012: Bam Bam/Molly has been reunited with her family! Molly was on a walk without her owner when she slipped out of her collar and bolted. By the time her owner, Gemma Williams, arrived at the scene, she was nowhere to be seen. 

Incredible rescue of puppy stranded at sea by paddle boarderMolly was missing for two days and there were many people out searching for her, but because of the vastness of the area, they were unsuccessful. 

It's believed that Molly made her way out to the rocks at low tide and became trapped as soon as the tide came in. She is now safe and well at home with Gemma and her two children, apparently no worse for wear.

Gemma has thanked Charlie and says, "She is 2 years old and we had been out looking for her after she escaped from Studd Hill, Herne Bay. Her name is Molly (Bam Bam is her kennel name as she is chipped to the breeder). She is home safe and well with us now!"


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Comments on this Article

Wow!! Absolutely Beautiful!!
glad the pup is back safe and sound
Man you are my hero thanx for saving thatt doggie <3
Thank you Betty :) David, I think that your comment was just 'the straw that broke the camels back'. I have seen this story all over the web in the last few days and the amount of flack that I am getting is unbelievable! I love my dogs very much and it is upsetting to read negative feedback. Don't people think that I feel bad enough that she was out there as it is? :( I guess that I was just shocked to see my picture and words on here. I am very grateful to Charlie and have been trying my best to get hold of him to thank him personally but he is a very busy man! lol.
LOL...Ok to Betty and Gemma.. First in my defense I did say that I am not judging the owner. I assure that while MANY people use such language as cliche', I actually mean this. I am not judging at all. My fiance' and I are are proud, loving owners of a four year old Shih Tzu. He was a rescue. Anyway, to all and especially the owner, I am glad little Molly is ok and I am sorry if I ruffled any feathers. :)
Why is it that there are always people who jump to conclusions without any information to support the conclusions? Molly got lost, was found, and is now back home. A really nice man found Molly and rescued her. She was ID chipped so they found the owner and returned the dog to her. What has the number of dogs, the owner has, have anything to do with the story? Anyone can have a dog slip a collar or harness. Be glad the story had a happy ending. Geesh.
Omg....ok this is my dog and I must admit I am actual fuming. Firstly that quote was taken from a post that I posted on fb. I did thank Charlie in the post and I have in fact private messaged him. This picture was taken from my facebook account and I did not give permission for this story. Who says that these dogs are all mine? Not me. For anyone that is concerned I find it perfectly fine keeping track of my 'zoo'. I was not present when Molly went missing. Had I been there, she would not have run off. I am actually shocked and saddened by some of the comments that I have read online about this story but people who actually no nothing about me and my family. I am very pleased to have Molly home safe and sound where she belongs as are my children.
Awesome story and I think it's great that it's heard round the world due to the web. Also I certainly will not judge the owner, Gemma, but I have to agree with SeniorLass..if you have a zoo in your home "which Gemma appears to have, it is very hard to keep track.
you know what Gemma Williams at no point in your statement did i see a THANK YOU ! nice pose with your dogs but jeeeez lady a little gratefullness would have been a nice gesture !!
@seniorlass, just because someone has 6 dogs doesn't mean there will always be a crises. I've had 5 dogs for 8 yrs and not once have I lost a dog. If you're vigilant over them and know what you're doing, there doesn't have to be any crises. Animals slip out of their harnesses/collars all of the time, regardless of however many animals someone has...on a more positive note, I'm glad someone was in the right place at the right time and kind enough to save Molly. It's good to know there are still caring people out in the world. I am grateful for them.
Too many dogs for one person to look after. There will always be a "crises", it's impossible to keep track.
Such a great story. What a lucky dog and a great human for the rescue!
Aw that pup looked so scared to watch the ocean so he had to turn his head way... towards the rescuer Charlie. Poor pup. He was so scared. I am glad Bam-Bam got rescued
Terrific story! Hope you get to keep him. What a guy you are, thanks for caring. God bless!!
Charlie, You're indeed a hero!. Thank goodness you spotted Lil' Bam-Bam with your great eye sight!. Hope Charlie gets to keep Lil' Bam-Bam!. <3
Charlie you are a CHAMPION (and have great eye sight to spot Bam Bam on the cairn in the first place).
God Bless you Charlie and little Bam-Bam.
this is a courageous rescue and one which forever made me smile and felt grateful to Charlie for doing what is needed and right for the stranded pup.
God bless you, Charlie Head! You're an angel!
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