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Broken-hearted stray dog refuses to leave the side of his fallen friend

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (22)

Romeo tries to wake his Juliet on a Russian roadside

On a highway near Perm, Russia, a stray German Shepherd dog has been named "Romeo" by locals. His "Juliet" lies deceased beside him. Romeo has been by his friend for over a week, guarding her body and hoping she will wake up. He dragged her away from the roadside where she was struck and has been on a vigil by her side ever since. 

Villagers in the area have attempted to help the faithful dog and remove the dead dog but Romeo will not let anyone near her. Local resident Lyudmila Laish told Life News that he is always sitting next to her and tries to warm her with his body. She and other residents can't hold back the tears when they see the dog hugging and trying to wake her. Local children have tried to feed the dog, but he refuses to eat. 

Romeo tries to wake his Juliet on a Russian roadside

Although concerned dog lovers have called utility workers to pick up the dead dog, they have refused to do so, which has distressed many observing the tragic pair. Touched by the tenderness and devotion the dog has shown, several people have decided that they will try and help adopt unfortunate Romeo.

Life News in Russia first reported the story on October 5, but there do not appear to have not been any recent updates since then. Hopefully Romeo will be saved by the kind-hearted observers and not meet a tragic end like his mate. 

WARNING: video contains graphic images which may be disturbing.


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Comments on this Article

Almost afraid to ask..... Any updates on Romeo???
Russian government is just as bad as China's. No regard for animals. No animal rights. Disgusting. This is true HELL for animals who live there. Tragic.
Due to overpopulation of strays, Russians only kill dogs; not save them. It is the way of life there. Sadly.
See this just makes me cry. This poor beautiful boy doesn't understand that she won't wake up. It's too bad that alot of humans don't show the same devotion to their pets that Romeo is to Juliet. It is truly heartbreaking. I hope he can be rescued and a forever home found for him. I wouldn't want anyone to kill him or for him to get hurt in any way. He just thinks he is protecting her because he thinks she will wake up.
I hope they just don't shoot the poor dog to get him out of the way. Remember it's Russia not the United States. In the US the ASPCA would have tranquilized the dog and then removed the dead one this would have happened in one day, not weeks. Does anyone in that country have any common sense. OMG
Someone please update this story...it is haunting me, although I assume it has been resolved by now.
If any one cares for this dog, they will work with him and bond. Continued help, as has been suggested will help calm him down so he and his mate can be taken care of. If I were near, I would camp next to them and help. These animals will seek companionship sooner or later. Help him please.
Liverwurst is used at wolf sanctuaries to hide human scent and meds from wary dogs/wolves. It works! Calm him down with meds and help him bury her and he will be your grateful forever friend.
What a handsome and loyal Shepherd. I sure hope someone is able to rescue him and take his 'love' and have her buried where he can sit with her in peace. Please update this story. We'd all love to read a positive outcome!
omg would some one please tell us what as happened to poor romeo this poor faithfull dog it breaks my hart.
Pray that a kind soul will adopt Romeo and lay his Juliet to rest in peace. Please update us about this lovely dogs.
Is anyone doing anything to try to help Romeo now???
Such a shame that these 'kind hearted locals' will only try to adopt Romeo after this tragedy.... maybe if they had tried before, they would have adopted BOTH these beautiful dogs.....
Please, try liverwurst on "romeo", laced with tranquilizers, anti-anxiety meds, then move "juliet" in a blanket, slowly, into a crate...open wire, then perhaps her "romeo" will follow you into van or truck...taking "juliet" to a final burial place will comfort her companion. He will understand the need to bury her in the ground, as he would do in the wild, if he were able. Probably too weak to move her further or bury her. Then, he may bond with the human who helps him with his task. Thy do understand, they will appreciate help, he will die by her side without this effort. So sad. Keep us informed!.
So very touching but incredibly sad too. Please update us.
poor Romeo. i would try so hard to win his trust. i would go out there and sit with him...withstand the smell, just to get him to trust me enough to help him. i would set up a tent not too far and camp out and try every day.
I agree Anne. If only someone had helped them sooner they would both be alive together. So sad :'( </3
This is such a sad situation......please let us know what happens....I hope someone can adopt him that has another dog or dogs in their family. Hopefully Romeo can heal from this sad time in his life. Day after day , night after night.........like a long nightmare for this poor dog! Let us hope and pray someone can help him- soon before he grieves himself to death..................
Yes, please if you have any info on Romeo. This is so sad, especially for Romeo. I hope someone has helped him.
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