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Pug with three legs can walk for first time thanks to prosthetic

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (8)

Ed trying on his new prosthetic

Edward is a Pug who was born without a back leg. Now thanks to the efforts of the Pug Rescue and Adoption Centre in Victoria, Australia he has received a new artificial leg. The one-year-old rescue dog is among the first to receive a prosthetic limb in Australia. 

Edward can walk and play with his doggie friends at the centre while he awaits his forever home. But his road to the centre wasn't an easy one.

Ed can now walk easily with his prosthetic

He had been sold to a breeder as breeding stud despite his birth defect and a genetic skin condition. Later he was advertised as "a cheap way to own a pug". Rescued, he was taken to Dogs in Motion rehabilitation centre where they worked with Ortho Pets on creating him a special leg - one that had never been attempted before.

Ed getting a casting done
Ed getting a cast done for his artificial leg. Photo: Pug Rescue and Adoption

After a lengthy design process the ingenious device was fitted on Edward. When Edward first got his prosthetic he did not know how to move his leg forward as he had never learned how. But the team used some ingenuity and attached an elastic band to help him learn.

Ed can walk and run with his new cast
Edward can now walk without assistance. Photo: Craig Borrow/Newspix

After rehabilitation work, Edward can get around and even run. Edward's success has led to him to have been selected as the "spokes pup" for a new Victoria State Government welfare fund of $1.6 million that will help protect and help other animals in need like Edward. The new fund will be primarily be funded from money collected from penalties, fines and seizures of illegal puppy mill farms. 

For anyone interested in adopting Edward or helping out other pugs in need, contact the Pug Rescue and Adoption Victoria.


When Edward first got his prosthetic he did not know how to move his leg forward as he had never learned how. But the team used some ingenuity and attached an elastic band to help him learn.

After some training, Ed learned to walk without assistance!

via Daily Mail

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Comments on this Article

This article is why I am going in veterinary pharmacy. I want to help dogs everywhere. I think the work these doctors did is truly amazing. We need people to do more work like this. So inspiring!
Thank you Missy!! Glad to hear there are people out there who get it. If more people got it, a whole lot of innocent lives would be saved.
I agree with Tami 100%!!!!!!!!!!!! If there weren't all these "breeders" out there, there might be more available homes for animals that are waiting for DEATH in these shelters. Shelter animals have just as much love to give, if not more! All people should spay and neuter their pets and STOP THE BREEDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uncalled for, Cynthia? What part of 6-7 MILLION companion animals are being euthanized in America alone each year did you not understand?? When dogs are being killed in shelters at this rate, why do we need breeders out there making more? Until the shelters are empty, ALL breeders are irresponsible. Sorry. As a person who rescues animals, and sees the slaughter of these innocents every single day, I will never be convinced there are "responsible" breeders out there. Perhaps you should go volunteer at your local kill shelter for a while? I think your opinion might change.
Tami, while I understand that much more ppl should adopt; your statement that all breeders are bad is really biased and uncalled for. I know MANY responsible breeders that go above and beyond to make sure their dogs are healthy, happy and can always come back to them instead of into a shelter.
I canĀ“t believe how wonderful he is. Go Edward. Best wishes from Uruguay.
Go Edward! Go!
When 6-7 million companion pets are being euthanized each year, ALL breeders are bad breeders.
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