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Loving homes needed for 56 more puppies rescued from dog smugglers

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (12)

Another group of puppies seized in Ireland from illegal dog smugglers

Fifty-six dogs being smuggled to the UK were discovered in a van at Dublin Port, Ireland just days after 50 puppies were found in the back of two cars near Dublin. The latest seizure was made Thursday night when Revenue's customs officers and the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) stopped and searched a van at the port.

The latest seizure of dogs includes mainly small breeds, aged between six and 10 weeks. The puppy-mill pups were destined for the UK where they would have been sold to unsuspecting owners. After being examined, the puppies were found to be in good condition. A 46-year-old man was arrested at the scene and has since been released. Police are continuing their investigation.

Another group of puppies seized in Ireland from illegal dog smugglers

The DSPCA said that the two failed puppy trafficking attempts are a good reminder to the government that animal welfare laws need to be strengthened in order to thwart such illegal activities. "None of the seized puppies were microchipped or had any form of identification or vaccination papers which makes tracing their breeders impossible," said a spokesman. The organization is calling on compulsory microchipping to crack down on puppy mills in Ireland. 

The puppies seized earlier in the week may be ready for adoption within 10 days. The 56 new puppies will likely be up for adoption shortly. Adoption details can be found on the DSCPA's website is at www.dspca.ie. Anyone wishing to offer a home to any of the puppies, they can register their interest by email to adopt@dspca.ie.

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Comments on this Article

Can you only adopt if you live in Ireland?
Anyone wishing to offer a home to any of the puppies in Ireland needs to contact the Dublin SPCA and send them an email to adopt@dspca.ie.
Hi I'm from philippines,, can i adopt one of the puppy? please reply through my email get_beny0021@yahoo.com sorry if my grammar is wrong
Me again, I live in North Wales and will pay the transport for a puppy if it is possible to adopt one. Thank you, Jules
I am currently a foster carer for Snowdonia Animal Sanctuary, I would love to give one of these pups a new forever home, my email is julesrbrs@aol.com, my mobile is 07751044022 thanks
i live in surrey bc is there any way i can rescue one of theses pups?
I hate to read stories like this. Shame on these puppy mills! I'm happy that the puppies are safe, and I hope they all find loving homes.
If there's anywhere I could keep one or froster any of the puppies I will be delight to help out. As I got load of love and patience for little ones
oh, if it helps, we support the Humane Society here in the States.
My family and I would love to adopt one of the puppies, however I live in the united States. I can't afford the transport expense, but I do promise to give the puppy a kind loving and responsible home. Thank you cindyhankamer@yahoo.com
I know I'm in the States, but a black & white Springer pup would have a good home and loving family. I'm a teacher and can't afford to pay to get him/her here, but we can give a good home. If you can ship (not illegally!) we can give a good home. Please contact me via message if this is something that can be arranged. We already have a vet and our companion will be spayed/neutered as soon as he/she is the appropriate weight. We don't need any extras that way!
I CAN afford to raise one of these darlings....unfortunately, I CANNOT afford transport. You want a good 'forever home' I can do that, if you can bring him/her to me. I have a cat...live in a building that is puppy-friendly, and would LOVE to rescue one of these pups. My Guess is used to dogs, so that is not an issue
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