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Woman sentenced to 5 years in jail for killing her in-laws' elderly dog

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (16)

A woman who was found guilty by a jury of beating her parents-in-laws’ dog to death last year, has been sentenced to 5 years in prison by a Seminole Circuit Judge this week. 

Evita Williams, 26, was judged guilty of burglary and animal cruelty by a jury in July. In addition to sentencing her to 5 years in jail, the judge ordered her to serve 5 additional years of probation, attend anger-management class and undergo psychological, drug and alcohol evaluation. She is also not allowed to own pets. 

A woman will spend 5 years in jail for killing her parent in law's dog

Evita was accused of breaking into her parents-in-laws’ home, stealing Ginger, their 14-year-old Labrador mix and then beating her to death with an aluminum softball bat in their backyard. 

Evita's in-laws, Sherry and Dan Williams, allowed Evita and their 4-year-old grandson to stay at their house in Longwood, Florida, temporarily because she had nowhere to go when she was having marital difficulties with their son, Frank. 

However in July 5, 2011 her in-laws took measures to protect their dog after Evita had threatened to hurt Ginger. They locked Ginger in their bedroom, fearing for the dog’s safety. Just a day later, when the couple were away from home, Evita broke into their bedroom using a screwdriver to remove the door’s lock, muzzled Ginger and covered her with a blanket before killing her in the backyard. She then dumped the dog’s body in a garbage bin at a condo-complex close by. Ginger's body was never recovered as the bins had been emptied by the time deputies investigated. 

A friend of Evita's came forward as a witness and said that Evita had told them she had killed the dog. 

Additionally, a few days later Daniel Williams called his son with deputies listening in on the call. He asked about Ginger’s whereabouts and his son responded belligerently and referenced money. "She [Evita Williams] told you what she was going to do. She's [Ginger] just an animal. This is ridiculous. It's just an animal. Pay your money, or don't. All Evita wants is money and that's it," Richard Williams said during the call. Deputies did not learn the meaning behind the reference to money. 

Deputies arrested both Evita and Richard Williams after the call. Frank Williams was arrested on burglary charges after he broke into his parents home and stole electronics and pawned the goods around the same time Evita killed Ginger. 

Evita Williams was said to have killed the dog because she been upset by problems with her estranged husband and because Ginger had nipped her 4-year-old son a few months earlier, although the grandparents said the bite was minor. 

At Evita's trial, prosecutor Stacey Salmons said that Ginger the dog had been a much-loved family pet. "They [Sherry and Dan] were so emotionally attached to this dog. To do something so violent and so vicious to the animal (suggests) the potential to do something violent and vicious to a person."


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Comments on this Article

My condolences to Ginger's family. I know how it feels to lose a beloved pet. My first dog's name was also Ginger and she was poisoned by someone who lived behind me. I loved Ginger very much and I now have a picture of her in a self-painted pink picture frame with her name on it.
My condolences to Daniel and Sherry Williams. Some who could do such an evil thing is not human to me. I am so relieved to hear she got a stiff sentence. We need much stiffer sentences for animal abuser all over the world. May God Bless you both.
Evita should be hit with an aluminum bat as well and make sure she's dead, dead the same actual bitting she gave Ginger. May you rest in HELL, EVITA! You piece of SHIT!
Such cowardice. Beat up on an elderly animal. Anger management? That is a joke! Everyone has anger but to kill a living being with such viciousness?!! Anger management class is another way to tell the public to "We are doing something so shut up!" No punishment to the scumbag husband who is trying to blackmail his own parents?!! Justice is half-assed served. What about the 4 year old child? What about her/his safety living with such mentally sick parents? No mention of his safety?
What about the son.It sounds like he was involved in some way.
CRAZY B_ _ _CH!!!!!!!!!!
That woman and her lowlife husband both ought to be gagged tied up and beaten to death.sick bastards.makes me so mad but am glad she was jailed.My sincere condolences on the loss of your beautiful ginger.
First of all, my deepest condolences to Dan and Sherry Williams on the loss of your beloved Ginger. But I was in tears and my heart was pounding as I read this horrid account. If I had come home to find that someone had broke into my house, stole my dog and beat him to death, I would have to have to be tranquilized and restrained. I would definately want to seek revenge. I am glad to see, at least, that the offender got a 5-year prison sentence and from the court (a jury no less) and not just a fine. I can only hope this trend continues.
There R no words 2 console Ginger's owners. Personally, if it were my dog, I would B going 2 jail & she would B GONE! Evil, wicked, ignorant all come 2 mind, I'm so sorry. When she threatened Ginger, the police should have been contacted. Sick, that's the only excuse, but she will pay dearly now, someone in the prison will take care of her, KARMA.
I am elated by the fact that a human has been sentenced to serve time for killing a dog. I feel sorry for the loss of your beloved dog. It hurts so much I know. I am so sorry to hear your loss. But I am happy justice was served.
My condolences to Dan & Sherry William's for the loss of their beloved companion Ginger and for having to deal with the likes of their birth son Frank as well as the cretin he married. I understand you were trying to do what you thought was best for your grandson, but as so often happens, that unfortunately came around and bit you in the ass. As for the evil one, she didn't get anywhere near what she deserved. All we can hope for is that she will violate her probation when she is released, and gets returned to prison for a longer term. A Five-year prison term is a step up for Florida and I am very pleased to see it. I am hoping more Florida Judges make note and use this as a precedent setting case for longer terms for animal abusers.
This story makes me sick at my stomach how could anyone do this. What a cruel unfeeling person she is not even human.
Lady I HOPE you get yours....and that kid of yours? He's probably as mentally imbalanced as you!
Thank God she is being punished, even if it's not harsh enough, at least it's something. I hope they crack down more on violators. Says she's not allowed to own dogs any more but Michael Vick seems to have that privilege now...much to my disgust!!!
Im just glad that the courts took this seriously. 5 years is almost unheard of when it comes to animal cruelty. And she cant own animals is awesome. I just hate that this poor sweet dog went threw this. Prayers and Peace & Blessings to the family
That woman is as sick as they come. Her husband follows close behind her. My condolences to Daniel and Sherry Williams.
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