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Loving dog who survived many hardships waiting nearly a year for loving home; update: Lucy adopted

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (59)

Lucy is disfigured from a beating she received when living in Columbia

Lucy is an American Staffordshire Terrier that endured unimaginable hardship when she was found on the streets of Colombia over a year ago. She appears to have been repeatedly used as a breeding dog and when she was found by a Good Samaritan, her nose and jaw were badly broken and she was starving. 

Lucy was taken in by a kind foster family for several months in Colombia, where she regained her strength. When a volunteer at Stray from the Heart in New York heard about Lucy’s plight the woman arranged for her to fly to New York where she has been under the care of the rescue ever since. 

Lucy’s facial bones never healed properly from her injuries, but thankfully a specialist said she is in no pain and she has no problems eating or drinking. As Lucy was not suffering, Stray from the Heart decided against putting her through the extensive surgery, which would basically have been cosmetic. 

Lucy is looking for a forever home

Since arriving in the United States, Lucy has gone to rehabilitation and her foster family in Connecticut say she's a laid back and easy going dog. Despite all the abuse she suffered, she loves people and really loves small dogs. Maybe its because they remind her of all the puppies she gave birth to in the past. It’s been nearly a year since Lucy arrived in New York, and she’s still waiting for a forever home and for that special family who will look past her unique features and see her loving personality shining through.

Stray from the Heart will adopt Lucy out to a home on the East Coast and to a home where she’s the one and only or with small dogs. Details on who to contact if you, or someone you know may be interested in adopting Lucy are on Lucy’s Petfinder listing

Lucy is disfigured and looking for forever home


Update: September 22, 2013

Lucy has been adopted and has a wonderful new home! Over a year and a half ago, Lucy was rescued from the streets of Columbia by Stray from the Heart. She was flown to the US and spent time with Kim Barnett, a trainer in Madison Connecticut, where she learned to overcome her past life of abuse.

Lucy has been adopted

Stray from the Heart ensured she received the best medical and dental care for her broken jaw and nose. And as the vets determined she was able to eat, drink and breathe comfortably, they opted not to put Lucy through unnecessary surgery to correct her face.

Although they received many offers to adopt Lucy, Lucy needed the time to fully heal from her past. She needed to learn to trust humans and other dogs and with the time and care given her, she has.

Stray from the Heart wrote on their Facebook page, "She has become confident that dogs are friendly and has even developed a special bond with a Basset mix named Will, where she had been staying. Will adores her and he's the only dog she allows to clean her face and ears. Lucy's new family have fallen in love with him as well, and hope to adopt Will in the very near future, so Lucy will have her little buddy and personal hygienist by her side."

Lucy has been adopted

Lucy has been adopted by Paula and Dee and now lives in upstate New York on a large property. She now has 1 acre fenced-in back yard to play in and a few cat friends to hang out with.

Lucy has been adopted and hangs out with her new cat friend

Paula and Dee's last rescue dog Jezebel recently passed away. They knew they wanted to have another special dog and came across Lucy. They remembered Lucy story from reading it last year and approached Stray from the Heart to find out more about her.

Lucy on one of her couches

Paula and Dee wrote, "After phone calls and visits to her foster home we knew we were in love. Last night Lucy arrived with Kim who has given her a fantastic life for the past year and a half. She greeted my cats beautifully and made herself at home, sampling every couch. We woke up this morning to a cheerful, loving, force of nature and knew Jezebel had led us to her successor and the cycle of love and change and healing had begun once again. Life goes on and love never dies. Welcome Lucy."

Lucy has an acre back yard

Here's a short video of Lucy enjoying a snack with her new family.

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Comments on this Article

Good luck,dear Lucy) Happy family!!! Woof....
Thank you, Paula and Dee, for giving this sweetheart a forever home. You're a couple of angels!! Namaste, ya'll!
I love you guys!!!!
I read her story when this was first posted and cried my eyes out! But now I'm laughing so hard...that video of her is beyond great!!! What a sweet little personality. My heart is full of love and happiness for you both. I hope you adopt will and make the family complete!!!!!
note to Paula and Dee: so glad you made a home for this furbaby. I especially like your statement about Jezebel leading you to her. I think this is what my wonderful Brandy did for me when she passed away last December. Because I missed her so much, I adopted not one but two rescue poodles, and now I also have two rescue cats. they are all very loving.
A lovely end to a very sad story. It's lovely to see that for every evil person in this world, there are so many more good Samaritans. Have a wonderful life Lucy, Paula, Dee and hopefully, eventually Will.
Yay Lucy! Your forever home!! She has been thru so much. She deserves the best and I think she's hit the jackpot ... :0)
I hope Lucy does real good in her new home... she deserves the best!
This is an awesome beginning for this lovely girl. Paula and Dee sound like the perfect family and they even want to adopt Will, another rescue Lucy grew fond of. She was always in a place where people loved her once she was rescued. It astounds me how petty people can be when they are not getting their way. Just because you want something does not mean you are entitled regardless of your credentials. Good for Stray from the Heart for keeping to their plan of what they felt best.
I think John V. Brennan pretty much sums up how most DOG LOVERS feel.....lots of info(thanks John!) if your interested in getting ANY dog..isn't that what Dog Heirs is about ? A loving and kind home for stays, no matter the breed? <3 I love my rescue and would have more if I could.
So happy this precious girl is now happy, loved and cared for.
They have already stated that they want her to stay with in the local area to monitor her progress. Why is that phony? The dog currently lives with her trainer. They are going to be picky because they can afford to be. The dog is comfortable where she is. If you have the resources to get a pilot, there a 20 dogs a day being killed at NY ACC that could use your help.
Carole Knack, I completely agree with you!. I live in IL and have been searching on a transport. I found a pilot with a private plane. I have emailed twice and called 3 times. No response. Apparently they do not want Lucy to have a forever home. I want her.. We have other furry animals small and large, but very adaptable to newbies. As they were once all a newbie, they love the company.... If I do not get a response shortly, I can only assume this Beth person is phony!!!! (Beth is the v/m recording name)
Wow. Why so many harsh words for the rescue if this dog? Lucy is not in danger anymore. Why shouldn't they be sure she goes to the absolute best some for her? They things they want for Lucy are not unreasonable. Of course she needs a home that understands her emotional state and training/rehab process. If you read her Petfinder bio, it is obvious that they are not hiding anything. The dog has issues. Look at her. She has been though lot and needs a special home. For the time being she is safe and loved. In her foster hone. That's more than the dogs in city shelter (or any shelter) have.
How on earth is it possible that this magnificent dog still doesnt have a forever home. It's been months, many many people said they would love to adopt her. The requirements about the fenced yard and even the state limitation doesn't seem to much to ask, since the states are huge (especially in comparison to a tiny country like the Netherlands). Are they delaying everything, being difficult, what on earth are they doing?
When I read that they want her to go to someone pit savy, with her being the only dog, or go to someone with a well balanced small dog, it sends up red flags to me. I have not read anything as to why they state this. What are they leaving out about her? Indeed it is sad that there are so many people willing to adopt hr, and she is still not with a permanent home.
There are plenty of people I'm certain who are more than willing to adopt Lucy and more than capable of giving her an amazing forever home. I'm with the other posters here. These ridiculous restrictions are what keep dogs in need of homes, in their current situations. LIGHTEN UP!! Lucy needs a HOME, not a bunch of roadblocks to get there!!
I was told on several occasions that she had so many applications that they were not in need of a home for her any longer. I have given up, at this point, I feel they are exploiting her and there are far too many that originated in this country to worry about one who they raised thousands of dollars to bring into this country and now are playing the pitty game to garner more attention. please go and adopt from a local high kill shelter or rescue who works so very hard to save those abandoned right here in your own back yard.
...what that poor sweet pitty dog needs MOST is a LOVING HOME! when I adopted my dogs, and MOST other people when They adopt dogs, don't have to do any kind of "Visiting/Get Used To" nonsense... Every shelter dog I've ever known, practically Gets Used To their New Forever People almost instantaneously... and so what if the place aint' Club Med... some shelters (ahem!) have the most ridiculous restrictions, such that the dogs they represent, take forever to get adopted... it's not fair to the dogs... i'll bet if you asked the dogs, they wouldn't have Any restrictions except for Love, Kindness... and a good meal.... and there are SO MANY SHELTER DOGS waiting for new homes... Lighten Up... and give that dog to some lucky new loving forever home... wherever it is... dogs have lives that are way too short... their days with love and kindness, should not be put off, or delayed, due to some bizarre restrictions...
I live in NC but I do have friends that are 501 c3 that me and my educational pit bull help out I am sure will put their name up for me to get her. I have transport groups on my facebook page as well. I have commented on her facebook picture going around. I would love to be able to train her to be a educational dog along with 1 of my other APBT's...
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