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Elderly woman's dog blinded by burglars while defending home, reward offered

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (7)

Kiri was beaten by burglars while defending the home

Neighbors in a small town in England have come together to offer £500 reward to help catch thieves who broke into an elderly woman's home and blinded her beloved dog.

The 86-year-old widow was attending church in Stoke Prior in West Midlands, UK, when burglars broke into her home. Kiri, her 8-year-old Border Collie, was kicked in the head while defending her house by the burglars. Kiri's injuries lead to her losing an eye.

The elderly woman is too frightened to reveal her name in fear that the thieves will return to her home. She was deeply shocked and upset about what happened to Kiri. Since the attack, Kirii has been spooked now follows her elderly owner around the house.

"She is my daily companion and all I am concerned about at the moment. I can’t believe anyone could be so heartless and cruel to an animal. It has made me very nervous about going out and leaving her alone," she told the Bromsgrove Standard. "It's terrible and I just hope someone can come forward with information to help the police catch the burglar," she said.

Neighbors of Kiri are looking for those responsible for hurting herThe woman's neighbors were also gravely concerned and upset by what happened to their friend and her dog. Mark Jones her close friend said that she has been "a pillar of the community for years". Kiri has been the woman's constant companion since her husband died. Disgusted at the criminals' actions, he is leading a community effort to help find the person(s) responsible. The community has pooled together a cash reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction.

The elderly woman's home in Hanbury Road was broken into between 5:15 pm and 7:15 pm on Sunday September 2, 2012. A grey purse with cash was stolen.

Bromsgrove CID are requesting people come forward if they remember anything that could help in the investigation or to give them names if they think they know who was responsible. Anyone with any information should call Detective Sergeant Slough on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

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Comments on this Article

These stories make me sick! What a beautiful dog and how just darn cruel. I so hope the creeps are caught. Please Lord, let them find justice and peace again.
I hope they rot in hell! What is happening to our world? Who robs an 86 year old woman in the first place? Then harming a dog??WTF
Is there a ChipIn set up so that people can donate? I'd gladly give something to help right this wrong. I'm so sorry this woman and her lovely pooch have to go through this. I've been robbed before, and it's the worst feeling of violation. And to have a beloved animal hurt, too? I can't even fathom. Please post a link if there's somewhere we can help support this family!!
How low can you get???? Hurting the companion of an 86 year old lady .. but that can be expected of the low life that injured the poor dog. Never ceases to amaze and alarm me, the lengths that scum will go to take what is NOT theirs. God bless the owner and may she live out her life in peace, not fear.
This is awful and is the reason that when Im not home I have a camera that is up and running, that is how concerned I am about my Furkids I know people cant afford this but I could not leave with out some kind of protection for them... and its getting to where we are going to have to have this as our furkids are even paying with their lives in some cases, there has been a lot of shooting of family furkids also and the truth would be told if the cams were running sad to think that this is what its comming to.
please share everywhere until the pieces of filth that so viciously attacked this dog and caught and locked up!!!!!!!
Poor Baby I hope she gets better and you find the ones that did this to her. The police should do the same thing to them that they did to Kiri. God will make them pay in the worst way. God Bless you and her. Please give her hugs and kisses for me. I am a Dog lover and since my husband died in 2007 I have gotten 6 Dogs. They are my Babies and one of them looks just like Kiri and his name is Sir Charles.
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