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Man rescues dog trapped outside apartment window

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (0)

Dog perched outside of window needed rescue

When a dog was spotted dangling from an apartment window, he got help from an unexpected person - a UPS driver. Hector Matta was making deliveries in a Boston neighborhood when he spotted the dog perched dangerously on the window sill outside of an apartment window, shivering, afraid and hanging on for dear life. 

Hector Matta helped a dog in troubleHector told Boston's WHDH News "Just happened to make a delivery and look up and see this dog on the window shaking. I just tried to do the best I could with the dog because I felt bad for him."

He decided to come to the dog's aid. Thinking quickly, he went to a nearby construction site and got a ladder from one of the workers. Hector then climbed up to the dog. The dog had punched through the screen window and gotten stuck on the ledge, unable to go back in. Hector pushed the dog back inside through the window, most likely saving the dog's life. 

The 10 year UPS employee was modest about his efforts, "Just me being me, trying to help people out." He also cares for dogs, owning an English Bulldog himself. "I love dogs - I love animals. It's nothing for me, this is what I do."


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