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Dog sacrifices his life pulling owner to safety off train tracks

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (11)

dog heroically sacrificed life to save his owner who had passed out on train tracks

A heroic dog made the ultimate sacrifice when he pulled his owner to safety, after the man had passed out on railway tracks. The loyal dog was seen dragging his suicidal owner out of the way of an oncoming train in the city of Karaganda in Kazakhstan on Friday.

A dog pulled his owner for the train tracks saving his lifeA 48-year-old unemployed man later told authorities he had wanted to commit suicide having "had enough" and drank a bottle of vodka before falling asleep on the railway tracks. The resident of Maykuduka was treated for a couple of broken ribs and cut to his shoulder, according to Info-Tses news. 

Aida Muldasheva, the investigator with the local transport police, said of the incident, "Upon seeing the train, the dog started pulling its owner away...When train drivers saw the dog on the rail tracks, they applied the emergency brake."

Unfortunately, the train was unable to stop in time and ran over the dog's hind quarters, killing him instantly.

The dog was a Turkmen Alabai, an ancient breed considered a national treasure in Turkmenistan. The Turkem Alabai breed is renowned as a courageous protector of his/her family and as a loyal friend.

Alabai are renowned for their courage and loyalty
The Alabai are a breed renowned for courage, bravery and loyalty to their families.


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Comments on this Article

A hero to the end! I pray the Lord brings all of these wonderful dogs to heaven! This human's selfish act caused the death of his heroic dog. This is very sad.
RIP Brave Doggie. I hope that this man will stop having all these stupid suicidal thoughts and live his life happily,don't let your brave doggie down!!. He saved your precious life,treasure it and MUST always remember this Brave Doggie!!. (:
I hope that every single day that this man is left on this earth, the image of his beautiful loving loyal dog NEVER leaves his thoughts. Why didn't he leave the dog with friends....why was the dog there with him.....so very very sad
Clinical depression is a real condition. The degree of his depression is unknown. Must've been pretty bad to go to train tracks and want to die. In addition, he could be an alcoholic..which is also an illness. As heartbreaking as this is, there is the perspective of his karma with that dog to be considered and be grateful for. In these 2 incarnations at this time, they had a purpose together. This is too powerful to be just circumstancial and (another) example of the heroic efforts of a noble and loyal dog. Hopefully, this is the man's wake up call..to get help and get well...so, as others said, the dog did not die in vain.
I have been very depressed sometimes and my dog has snapped me out of it big time. my wanting to take care of my sweet dog has made me realize it would be very selfish for me to do commit suicide.
I hope that lovely dog didn't die in vain.
When you have a pet, It is for LIFE, no matter how low or down you are, look into those loving trusting eyes, they would never leave you to fend for yourself, SO never leave them.......... to angry to say more!
selfish a* hole!
It's rather obvious which way the sentiment is going on this board and I have to admit I'm in agreement. Had the man not placed the dog in such a precarious position, the dog would be alive today. Now this guy has some pretty tall standards to live up too and cannot fail or his dog will have died in vain. RIP brave soul.
well if the owner was,nt on the train tracks being selfish that poor lovely dog would be alive today.
Would rather the guy have gotten run over. Jackass
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