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Emotional family reunion with dog who lived as a stray for over four years

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (20)

Emotional family  reunion with dog who lived as a stray for over four years

After living on the streets for four and a half years, a dog named Chuck was reunited with his family.

Chuck went missing from his home in 2007 after breaking out of his yard. Although the Nakkim family searched extensively for their beloved dog, they were unsuccessful.

"He was gone. We looked everywhere. We drove up and down the streets," said Lisa Nakkim, Chuck's owner.

Just a few miles from their home, Linda Shelton was walking to work when she noticed an emaciated dog wandering the city streets. She befriended him and brought him to her office.

"He was, I'm sorry to say, the smelliest dog ever," Linda said. "I could see the potential in the dog. He just has a wonderful, big heart."

A coworker of Sheldon was able to read faint markings on Chuck’s ID tag, which led them right to the Nakkims.

When the family was reunited with Chuck, Lisa Nakkim said her daughter nearly fell apart when she recognized her long lost friend.

"My daughter said, 'Oh, we got a dog,' and I said, 'No, Lexa. That’s Chuck.' She started crying. She just lost it," Lisa said.

When Chuck went missing he was 100 pounds, but was only 60 pounds at the time he was found.

"He's back 100 percent," said Lisa's husband, Eric. "It’s like a lost member of the family coming home."

Here is the home video of Chuck's reunion with his family. Family members were shocked and cried tears of joy when they realized the dog in their yard was Chuck.




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Comments on this Article

Is it me or does Chuck look less than thrilled to be there? He even began looking for an exit. There is something fishy going on here. Whether I am gone for four minutes or four weeks my dog will be right at the door and rush me the second I open it. I have to speak to him very calmly, then I sit so he can give me a good sniffing and many lickings and kisses and there is a lot of whining because he is so excited to see me again.
I bet the dog had a temporary home for 3.5 years with a neighbor that lived less than 5 miles away.
For all you negative nellies out there, shut the f up until you KNOW ALL the circumstances; the dog is home and that's all that matters!!! People like you have too much time on your hands!
I love these stories of lost dogs coming home. I was watching Chuck as he went around the yard. He does look very athletic. I could envision him jumping a pretty high fence. He even looked like he was thinking about jumping that little wall. It occurred to me they better be careful or he could take off ! Now that would be a story. Dog reunited with family after 4 years, breaks out again and is gone for another 4 years! hahaha just kidding folks, it's an awesome thing to see our little lost pets come home. I love it.
@Mekah Menke - good God, he was a stray for four years. Returning a dog to a healthy size takes months of work, it's not something that happens straight away. It's unfortunate that beautiful moments like these that are ruined by the know-it-all minority, including people such as Daisy as well, who have no idea about the circumstances yet their first response is to criticise. Can only shake my head.
@Daisy: It sounds like someone took the dog in during the missing years, then somehow it got lost again, or perhaps they abandoned the dog, or maybe left it with someone they trusted that they shouldn't have--the list is endless. Also, I'm a volunteer in animal rescue for 12 years now and I've been amazed at the number of wealthy dog and cat owners who are not as responsible as those who are not wealthy. I'm not saying the wealthy do a poor job in comparison, I'm simply saying that we see the worst of the worst and neglect happens within all incomes.
my god.... FEED the dog! Shouldn't he first be in the vet... unless they already did that. Poor doggie is sooo thin!
I deleted my former comment because it was not right to defame an entire community for ignoring this poor lost animal, but I stand by my comment that it is disgusting that a dog was lost in a wealthy community for 4 long years and no one did anything about it. In my neighborhood if anyone saw a lost dog more then twice that dog would be taken care of, and I don't quite understand how this dog slipped through the cracks for as long as he did. My neighborhood is full of walkers and rpv is a typical s. ca community where everyone drives but still it is shameful it took so long for anyone to help this dog as I am sure many people saw him. It's a blessing he wasn't run over or killed by a coyote in all that time.
I can totally understand where Daisy is coming from. Seems very weird to me that this dog wasn't found for four years, especially since he had tags. I'd really like to know what happened after the reunion. This story is a year old, why is it just being posted again?
Daisy Isn't it just wonderful how you immediately jumped on the negative aspect of this story and tried to turn it into crap? At least most of the other comments showed appreciation that the folks had their dog back! Are you really that miserable? Now get off the soapbox and shut up!
I've seen that somewhere before. Not sure where, but I could just watch it over and over!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that is wonderful glad chuck is home
So glad he is now healthy, safe and loved. The way all dogs should be.
Living 4 -1/2 years as a stray? He had escaped ending up in the shelter, ran over, abused, etc?!! That is incredible!!! Lucky dog and lucky family to have a kind hearted dog lover found Chuck.
Need a follow-up, is Chuck still with original owners?
Totally made me cry!! So glad they have their dog back :)
That was beautiful..still crying :)
Awwh. This is such a touching video. Congrats!!. (:
I agree. Thank you for helping
Linda, you are an angel for recognizing an animal in need an doing something about it. Thank you.
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