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Rescued dog gets special prosthetic legs to walk again

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (11)

Lemon Pie gets prosthetic limbs

A dog named Lemon Pie was the victim of a violent act by criminal gangs in Mexico. When he arrived at a rescue shelter called Canine Miracles he was missing his front paws. They did not want to give up on Lemon Pie, but they knew he would need special help in order to walk again. That's when the group set out to raise the money to get Lemon Pie two front prosthetic limbs to give him the power to walk and play again!

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Comments on this Article

this video shows us that there are bad people out there .. but lucky for us there are good people too that make living in this world easier for everyone
What a beautiful dog, how could anyone hurt such a animal.
So thankful to the rescuers for giving this beautiful dog a chance!
Bless them for helping this terrific pup!! Wonderful. Nothing to say about how he was injured: waste of words and energy. Grateful that he has a new life!!
Whoever did this to that beautiful dog should have the same thing done to them no one should have to endure something like this weather it be an animal or a human.
I don't know how many stories like this I can stomach before I write off most of the human race. Such barbaric acts are despicable. I have to believe these people are insane, no sane person could do such things. Hope they enjoy having Hitler as their cellmate. God bless the rescuers.
there is no place in hell for them. hell is arranged in a series of concentric circles, each one lower than the next so it forms a funnel. the lowest circle of hell is reserved for traitors - those who have betrayed a trust. this circle is arranged in "rounds", where each class of traitor is lower than the previous. in the very centre of hell is satan, traitor against god. below satan is a hole. as everybody in hell relieves themselves, the resulting effluent trickles down and drops through that hole. at the bottom of that hole are the guys who did this to lemon pie and those like them.
2 words, what assholes!
There is a very deep, dark, and scorchingly hot area in Hell for those who do things like this to children and animals. From what I understand, there is no avoiding it. Once they have your name in the reservations, you will be there for eternity and that seems most appropriate to me. On the other hand, those of you who were instrumental in rescuing Lemon Pie, Outstanding job. It really would be a shame if Lemon were to run across those who tormented him wouldn't it, perhaps give them a little quid pro quo.
God bless those who helped this poor dog! And may the demons who tortured him burn in hell for all eternity!
Awwwww, Awesome stuff WTG Rescuer's, I hope They got who ever did this 2 this poor dog, & if not, I just pray 2 God there is a HELL and They ROT in it. Humans R the worse of all the Animals by far (Pathetic really) I wish for Lemon Pie a good long healthy life, God Bless all who helped Lemon Pie ♥
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