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Twenty year old man jumps into icy waters to save dog blown off pier (PHOTOS)

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (20)

Bibi was swept off a pier by galeforce winds

When out for a walk with her guardian, galeforce winds blew BiBi, a Maltese-shitz, right off Brighton Pier in Melbourne, Australia and into the icy waters below.

Bibi was blown off a pier by strong winds into choppy waters

Bibi stuggled to stay above the water, as the currents and winds drove her further out to sea.

Bibi struggled in the stormy waters

Bibi's guardian, Sue Drummond could only look on helplessly as her dog fought to stay above the angry waves.

Sue Drummond tried to get Bibi to stay close to the pier

Thankfully for Bibi and Sue, Raden Soemawinata was at the pier. He was attending a family ceremony to scatter his grandmother's ashes into the bay.

Raden saw Bibi needed helped so decided to jump in after the dog

When he saw Bibi needed help, he stripped down to shirt, underwear and socks, and dived in to the ocean to rescue Bibi.

Raden jumped in to rescue BibiRaden jumped in to rescue BibiRaden enters the cold waters

Bibi swam closer to Raden in anticipation of being rescued.

Raden gathered Bibi in his arms and rescued her

Bibi swam directly into Raden's arms and the pair made their way back to safey.

Raden got Bibi back to Sue

When told he was a hero, Raden told Melbourne's Herald Sun, "It was pretty cold and windy, but it wasn't such a hard decision to jump in, it wasn't such a great feat." The twenty-year-old joked, "I'm a part-time model, so getting into my jocks isn't so different to what I do for work."

Bibi was lifted to safety

Grateful for Raden's brave actions, Sue gave him a big hug when he and Bibi were back on the dock.

Safe on shore

Photos: Newspix / Rex Features, 2009

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Comments on this Article

Soooo why wasn't the dog on leash?? Irresponsible owner.
That's exactly what I said Chris when I posted it to my facebook page. I've lost so much faith in humanity over the last few months, We've had over 160 shootings in my city in the last 2 months 58 of which were fatal, As many as 5 in one night. This man has definitely restored some of my hope that we can be civilized and kind.
Sandy said: "I would soo want to jump in after my dog, but I'm not sure I'd risk my own life for anyone but my human family." Sandy, you don't deserve your dog. Your dog deserves better. Your human family can fend for themselves, screw them... save your dog!!!!
A little hope in humanity is restored with a true selfless act. Good job !!
I know from experience that jumping into freezing waves and water with most of your clothes on is NOT like jumping into a swimming pool. It is hard to even move or think. That dude is a hero, and well.. maybe a little impulsive. I would soo want to jump in after my dog, but I'm not sure I'd risk my own life for anyone but my human family.
hero isn't someone that wears a mask .It is someone who does the right thing no matter what anyone else says. you are a hero to that woman and her dog . trust me there is a special place for you in that families hearts.
I would have done the same except I wouldn't have stripped because I am definitely not a model, But I do know my heart well enough to know I could never let an animal die if I thought there was the remotest chance of saving it. Well done Raden you're awesome :)
Lucky dog and a very awesome person to save the dog.Thank You
Aww not all heroes wear masks and capes. Well done.
One in a million...a true hero. Thank you for your act of selflessness and saving that poor dog. May god bless you both.
DEUS abênções esse jovem rapaz, despojado de egoísmo arriscou a própria vida para salvar uma simples cadelinha. aqui no Brasil e pelo mundo a fora vemos casos de cães que arriscam suas vidas para salvar seus donos. a Bibi não iria se agarrar a ele e levá-lo para se afogar com ela, como acontece com os seres humanos, o único risco era o tempo e a correnteza. parabéns Raden, o mundo precisa de mais pessoas como você. God bless this young man, stripped of selfishness risked his own life to save a mere pup. here in Brazil and in the outside world we see cases of dogs who risk their lives to save their owners. Bibi would not grab him and take him to drown with her, as with humans, the only risk was the weather and currents. Congratulations Raden, the world needs more people like you.
I will not cry I will not cry!! Such a beautiful story. Its people like this man that make it worth living everyday!! Thank you Raden!!!
Thank you Raden! Bibi, it's time you start wearing a leash when you go for walks.
Thanks to e kind man BiBi was saved. Dear owner of BiBi,why not consider carrying her in your arms or buy a pet's trolley for her?. It's so dangerous for her to go walk when it's windy. So maybe a trolley will help?. (: .
Thank goodness for a young man with heart, courage and the desire to "get involved" with someone else's troubles. God bless him.
Wow, what an awesome person! I'm actually surprised the owner didn't jump in...Raden is incredible, I am very impressed at the caliber of person he must be, to save an innocent being at his own expense!
Such an amazine act of kindness, he really is a hero !!
Raden is definitely a hero! He went above and beyond what would normally be expected of a stranger to save someone else's beloved pet. Wish there were more like him!
There to scatter his grandmother's ashes....there is a connection here to be sure. What a heart lifting story.
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