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Heroic mother dog saves her puppies from blazing house fire

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (39)

Amanda rescues her pups from a fire
A German Shepherd mix rescued her pups from a house fire. Photo: J. Monsalve

A heroic mother dog saved her 10-day-old puppies from a house fire in Santa Rosa de Temuco, Chile on Thursday. Sensing the danger to her babies, she picked the pups up in her mouth and moved them from the burning house to the safety of the nearby fire truck. She then gently placed the pups on the steps of the fire-truck as firefighters fought the blaze.

Amanda rescues her pups from a fire

According to SoyChile, the German Shepherd mix named Amanda rescued her pups alongside of firemen when the blaze broke out in her family's home. Amanda and her pups were taken to the veterinarian, but one puppy named Amparo, who had suffered severe burns, later died. The veterinarian said that Amanda's four other puppies were doing really well, but that Amparo had died from her injuries.

Amanda rescues her pups from a fire

The vet, Felipe Lara, said that Amanda had defended her puppies when they tried to take them away from her to care for them. Eventually she let them check over her pups but she wanted to stay with ailing Amparo and did not want to let her from her sight.

Amanda rescues her pups from a fire

Amanda saved her pups from a house fire

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Comments on this Article

Absolutely amazing dog! Even knew the safest place to put the pups. Way to go mama dog!!!
I find it odd that in view of this type of heroic mother dog and other dogs that have saved human lives, that so many dogs are left abandoned on streets to be hit by cars or shot or starved. It amazes me how uncaring we humans can be compared to a mother dog who will save her babies one by one.
Poor Amanda! So beautiful...
I love your comment Jennifer. So true.
Ha ha Tina - don't insult dogs (or any animal) by grouping them with humans!! :) We can all aspire to be like them one day.
To Ari,the 15th comment in this string;Eagle parents having two chicks wll let one starve to death... Not so, that is a very unfair comment to Eagles 'parenting skills'...we have a nesting pair of Magnificent Bald Eagles 1500 ft.from our front door and it's been our pleasure to observe them for almost ten yrs.During this time they have produced 17!! fine strong Eagles! Sometimes three @ a time back to back,lots of twos...NONE we ever left to starve...I have seen these poor birds in the freezing rain and sleet for over 40 days straight in the nest on thier eggs..they are quite a team,Regards,Bill
Most dogs are better Moms than a lot of humans.
Not all dogs will let you touch their puppies. Unless you gain their trust first.
this is what i mean..dogs are so human.
Stephanie.... I had the same thought !!
I am new here but that is brilliant
Stephanie, You obviously don't know how horrible the media are. I recall a story ~20 years ago, which turned me against journos. In South America there were huge rains which caused big mud slides. One young girl was trapped in a remote village unable to be freed from the rising flood waters. A lack of available helicopters meant no machinary was able to be brought in to free her. She dround. The media were reporting on her everyday by flying in, in the only 8 helipcoters avaiable for charter in the country, there by preventing anyone chartering them for use to bring in vital life saving supplies.
What a good mama! I have two things other things to say - One is: Can we get an update on this mama and her babies? And the second is to the person taking the pictures: it's great that you caught this on film and were able to share with us this touching story of a mother's love but did you ever think that maybe you should have put down the camera and HELPED HER?? This is a heartwarming story but WHY did this mother have to take separate trips to save her puppies, ONE BY ONE, by herself?? This is why I like dogs better than people - no one helped this mama.
what a great mother and how smart she new just where to put the babies. the dog is smarter than some humans i no. i am glad they made it out alive exept for one thats sad
what a great mother and how smart she new just where to put the babies. the dog is smarter than some humans i no. i am glad they made it out alive exept for one thats sad
You said it Kathy. I am an animal lover. My husband and I have 2 dogs & 2 puppies. I cried too.
That mama saving her babies is one of the sweetest things I've seen in a long time. So precious.
aww last picture is heartbraking
It goes to show that no matter if your a human mother or an animal mother, you will do whatever it takes to save your babies.
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