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Families work to save their beloved dogs during mass flooding in Philippines

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (2)

The Philippine capital of Manila was drenched with more than half of a month's worth of rain in just 24 hours, leaving the city in chaos and waist high in water. The widespread flooding has claimed the lives of over 89 people and left millions of people, along with their pets, stranded in "a water world".

In amongst the chaos, photos and stories are emerging of families who refuse to leave behind their beloved dogs. They are valiantly saving their four-legged family members with as much effort as they are taking to save themselves.

Rescue efforts are underway in heavier hit areas, where large numbers of distressed residents are marooned on the roofs of their homes.

Man in Manila rescues his dogs from floods
A resident gathers his pet dogs on the roof of his flooded house in Marikina City, east of Manila. Photo: AP/Aaron Favila


Man rescues his dogs from inside his house
Here he is carrying puppies from inside his house, as other dogs watch in Marikina City, east of Manila. Photo: AP/Aaron Favila

Many residents have evacuated and carried their dogs to safety.

One young lawyer, Mike Acejo, and his father pleaded with rescue officials to be let back into the flood zone to rescue his 2-year-old Labrardor, Kiko, from his home. After being denied by several officials, he was finally allowed through. He used a rubber boat to paddle back through the dangerous floodwaters to his home. According to the Inquirer, he found Kiko alive and returned to safety with his beloved dog. 

Kiko was rescued by her owner during floods
Mike Acejo went back to his flooded home to rescue his dog Kiko. Photo: Inquirer News/Contributed Photo


Man carries his pet dog to safety in floods
A man carries his pet dog as he wades on a flooded street in Las Pinas, Metro Manila. Photo: REUTERS/Erik De Castro

family went back home to save their dogs
Jerry Olaguer turned back to save his dogs: "Went back to our house (Provident Village, Marikina) to get our dogs, Mocha and Baxter. Thank God they're safe now with us."

girl finds a moment of humor after her one dog refuses to get in boat
In a lighter moment amidst the floods, one dog refused to join his family in the boat, choosing instead to swim in front of them. Photo credit: Youscoop


Social media is also helping with rescue operations as Filipino citizens, non-profit organizations and government agencies have been using social media to coordinate relief efforts and rescue missions.

The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) is taking in pets in need of temporary shelter in Quezon City. They wrote on their Facebook page, "PAWS does not have enough cages but at least it's on higher ground and the animals will not drown."

For those that wishing to help, Red Cross Philippines is accepting donations to help flood victims. The Philippine Animal Welfare Society (PAWS), which has been in existence since 1954 also accepts donations. 

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It's good to know that these Asians see their dogs as family members and not as food. Awesome!
As an American-born Filipina, I am so glad to know that Filipinos love their dogs as much as we do! Hope they are all (people and dogs) safe and sound!
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