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Homeless loyal dog rescued and now living with new forever family

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | July 16, 2012 | Comments (7)

Homeless dog caught in Singapore to be adopted
Jurong's Hachiko caught and to be rehomed. Photo courtesy of Rajaa.

A loyal dog who devotedly arrived to the same spot every day for the past few months in a neighborhood in Singapore, has been caught and will be rehomed thanks to some concerned dog lovers, one of whom plans to adopt him. 

The Labrador Retriever was nicknamed the "Hachiko" of Jurong by locals after he displayed an unwavering devotion to his mysterious owner. He would come every day to a bus stop on Jurong East Street 31 and wait, leading many locals to speculate he is patiently awaiting his absent owner. 

"The dog appears at 2pm to 3pm everyday and then again around 6pm to wait for his owner", said local resident Kim Tong. 

According to Yahoo! Singapore the dog survived on the kindness of a local newspaper vendor, Mr Loke, who fed the dog daily with a bit of dog food and rice he bought especially for the dog. 

Mr Loke said the dog appeared to be around seven or eight and cautious around people, not letting them approach him. He added the dog was generally well-behaved. 

Homeless dog caught in Singapore to be adopted
Jurong's mysterious dog would come every day and camp in the same spot. Photo via Yahoo File Photo

The dog is also quite clever, having evaded capture for over 2 months. Thirty-six year old Kevin Teo, who plans to adopt the dog, should know. He has tried unsuccessfully to catch the dog for the past 47 days, until he was successful this past week. 

Kevin said he was not interested in adopting Jurong's "Hachiko" at first, but he came to admire the dog's intelligence and devotion. He said the dog was very intelligent and observed him commuting ever day to his favorite haunt. The dog would smartly walk behind people when crossing the road to stay safe.

Kevin helped keep track the dog along with a handful of dog lovers. He even hired a professional dog catcher at one point. He and his wife along with other volunteers tried many times to catch the homeless dog. When Kevin partnered up with Rajaa owner of a local pet service, the pair camped out at night to try and catch the Lab. Rajaa succesfully caught the wiley dog in a net early in the morning.

Now that the dog is safe in hand, Rajaa said the dog will first have a visit to the groomer to get rid of ticks after which he'll have a vet check up before Kevin takes Jurong's "Hachiko" back with him to his new permanent home.

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Comments on this Article

I pray the dog will be wise enough to know he is cared for! Thank you, Mr. Kevin Teo, for persevering in rescuing this beautiful dog!
it says a lot about a community when a homeless dog looks in such excellent condition. that's one seriously handsome animal you have lucked into, Mr Teo, and i wish you two a long and happy life together.
Mr. Lok well done because of your kindness this dog may have a permanent home. Thank you.
Great job Kevin!
Beautiful boy, deserves a great home ... Thanks Kevin!!!
What a wonderful dog. How special he is to have survived that long and what a loyal animal. Thank you special person to have adopted him.
What a wonderful dog. How special he is to have survived that long and what a loyal animal. Thank you special person to have adopted him.
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