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Chained and abandoned dog rescued thanks to neighbor's perseverance

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (14)

Kujo the German Mastiff was abandoned by his owners but saved by a concerned neighbor

When his neighbors moved away, Jim Krejci noticed that they had left behind their year and a half old German Mastiff named Kujo. Kujo was chained to a fence post without food or water, and he stayed there for nearly a week before the once gentle giant got rescued this week. Jim said that hunger and thirst had caused Kujo to become aggressive and fearful, making it difficult for him to get within reach to give the dog food and water. 

Jim Kriejic grew concerned over the welfare of an abandoned dogJim tried calling Lorain authorities and anyone else he could think of for help but was told they were unable to get involved due to legal issues. He became increasingly frustrated with the responses he was getting. "Everyone who's supposed to be in charge of taking care and treating animals as equals [is] letting him sit there and rot and die," said Jim angrily. 

That's when he had the idea to call a local news station who has a segment aimed at helping people. Fox8 News Reporter Lorrie Taylor came to the home and saw Kujo in his backyard prison. She got permission from the land owner to be on the property and arranged for Greg Willey of the Friendship Animal Protective League to help with Kujo’s rescue. 

When Greg arrived, Kujo was initially afraid and lunged at him. Greg put some food down and threw biscuits in front of the dog to gently coax him to eat. As he sat on a nearby step, the giant dog slowly approached the food. Once he began to eat, he became more relaxed. Afterwards, Kujo picked up the empty dog food can next to the bowl and took it back with him to a shady spot. 

Greg Willey assisted with Kujo's rescueGreg had also arranged for a humane officer to come and help take Kujo away. Humane officers have legal permission to take away abused dogs, whereas Lorain County’s dog warden does not.

But that did not stop Deputy Dog Warden, Nelson Delgado, from lending a hand in the rescue. He helped the humane officer get the large dog to the awaiting van. Once freed from the fence post, Kujo pulled on his chain and tried to bite Nelson, but Nelson regained control and safely escorted the neglected dog away.

Now rescued, Greg said that the dog will likely end up at the special program at Grafton Correctional, which see abused dogs paired with prisoners in order to rehabilitate them and help the dogs get ready for adoption. "From what I’ve seen, you saved a life today,” Lorraine Taylor told Greg. Nick is equally happy with the outcome and thanked everyone for helping. Relieved that Kujo was rescued, he told Lorraine, "Thank you, thank you for coming out and actually getting something accomplished."

Kujo will be rehabilitated before being adopted


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Comments on this Article

What has happened to the scumbags that left him like that. Am I the only one that thinks we now need vigilante justice. There are not stiff enough punishments for these human idiots. Time to render punishment that fits the crime. Animals have feeling and emotions too.
Is there any way for us to get an update on his progress?
Sat July 14 '12 So sad "the former owners, are S O B" So very glad Jim found a way around the bureaucracy!!!!!!!!! A mastiff is not a small dog. I am so excited to learn about the rehabilitation program, which works with felons - so all get a 2nd chance. "genius" - is there any way to trace them, there must be a paper trial, told people where they were going??? ..... VANCOUVER BC CANADA
This is happening too often in all areas of our country. Perhaps the US Humane Society should take the lead, and thru the individual state affiliates push for felony sanctions to be put into effect whenever an animal is abandoned. It has to be a state-by-state effort, but far too many states do not have any legal means to punish or even threaten pet owners if they mistreat their animals. Felonious abuse charges are serious enough if they are well advertised as such to help deter some of these hideous instances.
What is up with the Lorain County. Why are they not permitted to intervene.What kind of law is that? But thank you Jim!
so glad kujo is finally getting help poor baby ;( humans did this and scared this poor dog good luck Kujo x x x x
Just one more example of how so-called humans treat their animals, not only that, how authorities don't seem to have any authority any more. I sincerely hope the people responsible for leaving this poor animal in those deplorable conditions are caught and dealth with. Somehow I don't think THAT's gonna happen!!!
yeah kudos to Jim for saving this poor puppy. shame on those who wouldnt. yeah are the owners going to be charged. they should. they werent dog lovers for sure to do something like that.
where is the owner to do such a thing. how would they like to be left to die like that. terrible. and the authorities wouldnt help. shame on them. report them as well. just laziness on their part for sure. were they too busy with other things? like sitting on their butts collecting a paycheck. hope the dog is doing well. hugs
His owner who left him in this terrible condition should be charged without any delay
This person, who they know by a forwarding address, need to be charged and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. We recently had an abuse case that may never be solved that will break your heart. But we have to stop this and that's the only way to do it! Catch them. The Loraine County officials need to jump on this like they were Kujo! Bless his heart and God Bless Jim Krejci!
Thank God for Jim stepping in - although legal ramifications or not - I would have been on that property and taking the dog myself. Totally disgusting what the human race (if we can indeed call these people human) are doing to animals - to their own pets - their family members. Are the old tenants going to be charged? https://www.facebook.com/DailyPitPost
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