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Disabled dog opens people's eyes and hearts

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (28)

Whenever Anthony Camargo takes out his dog Samed out for a walk, he gets stopped at least 20 to 25 times. The Darnestown man pushes Samed around in a stroller with a sign attached - "handicapped dog" - and is greeted regularly by people who want to know Samed's story.

Samed and her guardian Anthony Camargo greet a curious new friendSamed is a stray that Anthony found and rescued in Thailand four years ago. He had semi-retired to Thailand and was jogging on the beach one day when he noticed a stray who had give birth. He told the Maryland Gazette that each day he went by he noticed fewer puppies around until only one was left, abandoned by her mother and litter mates.

The puppy was full of fleas and filthy and did not have use of her legs. Anthony took Samed to a local vet who advised her to simply get rid of her. "I was shocked," Anthony says. Although she was near death, he decided to give her one good night. He got her toys and bathed her.  After she survived the night, Anthony decided to adopt her. He named her Samed after the island, where he found her.

Five months ago, they moved back to the United States together. Anthony says having Samed has changed him and made him more responsible. "I have to take care of her; she is completely dependent on me."

He believes people who meet Samed are also changed for the better. Sometimes people look at her curiously. Others sometimes look at her distainfully, until they read the sign on the handlebars or Anthony corrects them. One time they were walking by a sports bar and were jeered at. "I just walked up and said 'This is Samed, she is handicapped,'" he says. "They were truly interested; some people teared up and said they were sorry."

Samed is always friendly when people approach, licking their hands to say 'hello'. They share their stories of their pets with Anthony and often thank him for taking care of her. "People’s perceptions totally change. [They] come up and interact," says Anthony. "I've never had a negative experience."

Anthony, who makes jewelry and plans to make a new line out of reusing materials people think are useless, draws the parallel of his new work project with Samed and how she might have ended up. "How do we know that a certain thing is dead? Just because it’s no good for its original use that doesn’t mean its useless."

Story Update July 20:


Anthony Camargo wanted to let everyone know some further details about Samed so everyone is aware of her condition. "Samed has been to specialist both here [United States] and in Asia and unfortunately Samed does not have enough control over her back legs, as well as her front legs, to facilitate the wheel chair or cart that can accommodate other dogs. Samed also has brain damage and she is unable to hold her head or anything else still for any period of time."

He says Samed has had many tests done but is always miserable and in pain when visiting vets, and after much thought Anthony says, "I as a parent had to step in and say when is "enough, enough?" As Samed was born this way "and she most likely never walked" he feels she is not unhappy or missing out on quality of life. He also asked to please keep sharing Samed's story. "Every day I get more inspired and thankful to have been blessed to be her guardian."

Read Anthony's comments in full below. Thank you Anthony!


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Comments on this Article

Thanks Anthony for what you are doing, you make such a difference. biggest hugs and love to you and Samed !!!
Anthony, some things are just better to be left and just to simply enjoy life. You gave her a chance to live. I truly believe that you were meant to walk in to Samed's life to be her companion and to save her life. People may not realize the meaning of suffering and when is enough....aswell whether it is worth to keep going. If she is doing okay and not getting worse...then her life is going well. I truly loved reading your story and I understood big time. I am deaf and people see me differently depending on situation but usually they then are surpised that I am just like others, just without hearing and I am happy the way I am so...for me to understand Samed. I sure do! I also understand you Anthony. Thank you for sharing your story about Samed and I am so glad I get to read about Samed and you. Keep up the wonderful work! I know Samed appreciates everything you do for her. Again, thank you.
Anthony have you tried doing energy work Like Tellington TTouch or Reiki on Samed? It might help with some of her discomfort at least. Linda Tellington-Jones has some good books out there you can get from your local library that would help you learn to do some of the TTouch stuff yourself on Samed daily I do lots of energy work on my dogs everyday and they love it. Might be worth looking into. You are a true Angel and it is people like you that proves to me there are still good people in this world. I will send you and dear sweet Samed a big dose of healing white light tonight in my prayers you are both wonderful souls and deserve all the best the world has to offer!
I was blessed to be the guardian of a little pug who could not walk and did not have the strength to use his front legs, Tiny Tim. He was such a good living lesson for everyone he met, especially people with disabilities. I would suggest you get your dog certified as a therapy dog. Also, accupuncture helped Timmy with some of the discomfort from his deformities. I would give that a try too.
Thanks for saving one of the miserable dogs of Koh Samed. It always breaks my heart to see so many strays suffering there. It makes my day to know someone is actually making a difference. You rock!
Anthony, You are proof that Angels do walk the Earth. I feel the same way you do,that Samed can't miss something she never had,so as long as she's a happy girl and living a happy life, why put her through things that only bring her pain and discomfort. Kudos to you again Anthony,and God Bless you and Samed....
Wonderful that Samed was given a chance to live but also wonderful that he's changed Anthony's life and made him a better person. I find animals do that to us humans...!
if you want something to try that is different from all these things that exist in the world that works and does miracles..try taohealingarts.com and read and ask Karin what to do.... i am taking these teas me and my dogs for 8 years now and i have helped meny animals AND THEY ARE WORKING!they are not toxic! and the dog is happy when it takes it! in any case i can help you too...
It may help Samed to receive massage based on energy work to relax his his muscles and skeletal systems allowing some relieve of the pressure on his nervous system. His inactivity reduces his circulation and his system's ability to remove toxins. If you are on the central coast of CA I may be able to help.
Anthony is an angel without wings, and Samed is so lucky to have been saved by him. Much love to both of them!
Anthony is an angel without wings, and Samed is so lucky to have been saved by him. Much love to both of them!
Great story! So nice to hear positive stories.
God bless you! I would burst into tears if I met you both. You are an amazing man. No words can describe the selflessness you are showing this sweet girl. She is lucky to have a daddy like you. Just as you are lucky to have her.
Anthony, I believe you were destined to find Samed and take him in. Shame on that veterinarian for telling you to just give up hope on him. I believe animals should be treated just like family because that is what they are. Thank you Anthony for taking such good care of Samed, he is very lucky to have you as his father :)
She looks happy! God bless you and Samed, and wishing you a long happy life together!
so thankful for you Anthony ,Wishing you and Samed a long and alled animal control cause they thought i was wonderful life .I too adopted a handicapped dog she is a PBT and a wonderful girl ,I named her Jenifer ,she has nerve damage and shakes unable to control her head and neck she bobs her head up an down when she stands or walks .
Great story and a wonderful Man, Samed is a very lucky dog!
Anthony thank you so much for posting and sharing more about Samed with us. I was so touched by your selflessness I wanted to share your and Samed's story with everyone here. I have updated the story so people reading will have a better understanding of Samed's condition. Bless you!
thank you everyone for your thoughtful kind words sharing and caring. even the the article does not address this topic Samed has been to specialist both here and in Asia unfortunately Samed does not have enough control over her back legs as well as her front legs to facilitate the wheel chair or cart that can accommodate other dogs. Samed also has brain damage and she is unable to hold her head or anything else still for any period of time.her head rolls on her neck and i am told that there are cognitive issues related to her handicap. after spending hours and much money getting test done blood drawn and advise. i as a parent had to step in and say when is enough enough? she is a happy baby but only unhappy when we pull up to vets office and especially unhappy to see a doctor and screaming uncontrollably when a needle appears to take her blood for yet one more expensive test. i found her at 6 weeks old already incapacitated at eh level she is , this is the only life she knows as she most likely never walked . s i feel that she is not unhappy or missing out on quality of life but if anyone has a miracle cure that does not require her any further pain or discomfort i am all ears. much love to all of you who care about these special creatures , our babies as much as I Anthony Camargo please keep sharing Sameds story every day i get more inspired and thankful to have been blessed to be her guardian
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