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Wolf pup picked up by campers finds new family and canine foster mom

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (2)

Boise the wolf pup

The gray wolf pup found wandering along the side of a road in central Idaho has a new home at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia. Named Boise by the park's zoological team, the pup is slowly being introduced to his new pack mates - two other wolf pups - including a German short-haired pointer named Mia, who is serving as their surrogate mother. Mia will help the young wolf pups learn the necessary pack skills. 

Boise the wolf pup

Boise will eventually be part of the park's animal ambassador team that helps teach the important role wolves play in the wild. The orphaned wolf was found in May by a group of campers who mistakenly believed he was a lost or abandoned domestic puppy. The campers contacted a local veterinarian who, in turn, contacted Idaho Fish and Game.

Boise the wolf pup

After unsuccessful attempts to locate the pup's family, Idaho officials began looking for a suitable home for the gray wolf pup. They selected Busch Gardens as Boise's new home based on the park's extensive experience with wolf training, husbandry and education programs. 

Boise the wolf pup

Boise the wolf pup meets Mia"The young pack mates are getting along and adjusting very well," said Jay Tacey, zoological manager for Busch Gardens. "They are playing and discovering their new home."

Eventually, Boise and the two yet-to-be-named pups will be introduced to one of Busch Gardens' three mature wolf packs. Until then, Mia has taken on the role of pack leader and is ensuring the pups remain submissive until they are transitioned into the larger pack with an already established pack hierarchy.

Here's a wonderful video showing Boise's arrival at Busch Gardens and when he first meets his fellow wolf pups and Mia, his new foster mother!

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Wonderful and the people who found the puppy did their best thinking it was an abondoned puppy and taking it to a vet. There are others that would have just left it to die. So well done everyone involved.
Oh, this is good news, because it can even start with the education of the little wolfes that the substitute-mama will do all paws full if they want to catch all that he has missed so far, big thank you to all involved for this saving lives! ;0)
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