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Heroic stray dog saved soldiers from suicide bomber

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (4)

Rocky saved soldiers from a suicide bomber

Rocky was a stray in Afghanistan who became an unlikely hero, after he thwarted an attempted suicide bomber from entering a base with US troops and saved countless lives.

Rocky's eventual rescue began back in 2009 when he was just another homeless dog outside of an Army National Guard unit stationed in Afghanistan.

Just after Rocky was injured in a bomb attackThe soldiers had befriended two dogs, one was Rocky and the other they named Sam. The dogs reminded the soldiers of home and were a welcome distraction to their daily routine off in the remote and desolate location.

At night, the pair of dogs would routinely position themselves at the entrance to the men's sleeping quarters and frequently bark to alert those inside of possible dangers.

One night, the dogs were barking persistently and when they didn't stop after being urged to, the men knew something wasn't normal. One of the men decided to investigate, but before he could make it outside there was a huge explosion.

The dogs had intercepted a suicide bomber, who had been trying to sneak inside the building. A witness saw Rocky attack the man and repeatedly bite the man's leg. In addition, Rocky tried hanging on to the man's leg to keep him from moving towards the entrance. When the bomb went off, Rocky and Sam were at the epicenter of the explosion.

SPCA International wrote, "These were not military trained dogs, but just two strays that had become fiercely loyal to the men that took them in and cared for them in an environment that is not kind to animals. In return, Sam and Rocky more than likely saved the lives of their soldiers that night and greatly reduced the injuries."

Tragically Sam was so severely hurt from the blast she had to be humanely euthanized. Rocky was also seriously injured but the base medic was able to provide treatment to him, and miraculously Rocky went on to make a stunning recovery.

Rocky after he saved the soliders from suicide bomberThe soldiers became determined to not leave Rocky behind and repay the amazing dog for his heroic efforts.

One soldier, named David, whose life Rocky had saved, decided to adopt the dog. Of his time on tour with the dog, he said: "Rocky is the last good thing that I have here, the ONLY thing that I look forward to each day is petting him and loving on him."

Banding together, the unit and a slew of rescues - including Operation Baghdad Pups - worked together to get Rocky out of Afghanistan. It was a challenging feat for its location, the speed in which they had to do it, and the fact it was in an active war zone.

But a year later, in 2010, everyone's efforts paid off and they succeeded in rescuing Rocky. The brave dog was successfully reunited with David and his family in the United States. 


Note the Rock and David are not the dog and soldier's real names. They are aliases and were substitued at the time when the story first was released for the safety of the National Guard Unit.


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Comments on this Article

Sad to hear Sam didn't make it. His loyalty will be remembered in the hearts of all of us. He already has his medals of love & honor as he crossed over with the Lord. So glad that to hear that our soldiers as always....go above and beyond for our country and for Rocky. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story of hope, love & loyalty. God Bless all.
Dogs are special and loyal animal .You can see why !
Bravery comes on four legs and two, good luck to them in the future
good things come to those who wait - just a shame David had to wait in such a gods-awful environment!
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