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Soldier desperate to find and adopt his military dog

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (23)

Logan and Diego
Photo credit: Jerry Lara / San Antonio Express-News


Story Update: August 7, 2012

Logan and Diego have been reunited and are heading home!

Logan and Diego reunited
Photo credit: Jerry Lara / San Antonio Express-News

Logan and Diego

Story Update: August 3, 2012

Logan Black will be able to reunite with Diego on August 7th at 8am. Diego started the retirement process with assessment tests and now has been neutered. Once he is off medical hold, Logan will be able to pick him up! Watch for another update with a video of the reunion!

Story Update: June 25, 2012

Logan Black has located Diego, his former canine partner, who served overseas with him in iraq. He posted to his Bring Diego Home Facebook page today, "Fantastic news, Diego has been found! He's at Lackland Air force Base working as a training aid. Because he is still working the chances of getting him released are very slim but I'm looking into the possibilities. But now they have my info so when he does retire the great people at the 341st TRS will contact me. Thank you everyone for the well wishes and positive thoughts."

Upon leaving the army, Black returned home while Diego remained overseas. A year later, when Diego was no longer fit for active duty due to PTSD, Black lost track of where Diego ended up. He's been searching for him in order to adopt him.

 TSgt Null, who has been taking great care of Diego, sent Black a photo.

diego in june 2012

Logan Black is desperately looking for his dog. Not just any dog, but the dog he served two years in Iraq with. "He's just a big block-headed yellow lab, you know, he's pretty similar to me," said Logan.

He was deployed with Diego, his Specialized Search Dog partner, for just under two years. They were deployed to Iraq in 2006 and were responsible for the discovery of over 200,000 pounds of weapons ammunition and explosives. Logan recalled, "My most frightening experiences in combat weren't when I thought I was in trouble, it was when I thought Diego had been hurt.”

Deigo's military handler is looking for himThe team were exposed to multiple roadside bombs and fire fights in their time overseas, which let them both to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. "When I had him, his PTSD would manifest in uncontrollable shakes, and hyperventillating," Logan explained. "I was always able to get him keyed back up and playing because our bond was that strong."

The two were so close that they shared a bed, that is, until Diego sprawled out and took over the whole thing. "Somewhere out there, there's a combat photographer who took a photo of us on a patrol where Diego is sleeping on a cot and I'm sleeping on the floor," laughed Logan.

When Logan decided to leave the Army in 2007 he had to leave behind Diego. It broke his heart. "Leaving Diego behind, though, was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done," he said. He was leaving his best friend, and companion who had saved his life multiple times over.

After he returned home to Kansas City, Mo, he learned that Diego did not finish his second deployment because of his PTSD. Diego was declared non-mission capable in 2008 and sent back to the USA. Logan originally thought he would get priority in adopting Diego when the dog was released from duty, but he never heard from anyone. He later discovered Law Enforcement Agencies get priority for dogs returned from the front, and then priority falls to the handler. Diego was taken and is currently employed by the TSA.

Deigo's military handler is looking for himIt's now been five years since he last saw Diego and Logan thinks the two of them are long overdue for a reunion. He also feels the best way to help both of them to heal from their experiences is with each other.

So Logan has begun searching for his friend and hopes to hear news soon. Two senators have offered to help.

 "I think he's done his service," Logan continued. "They have hundreds of dogs that can do this job, I have one dog that I need in my life."

He said right now, Diego is all he really needs.

"If you put $50,000 behind door number one and Diego behind door number two, it’s going to be Diego every single time.”


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Comments on this Article

WONDERFUL UPDATE! This makes my heart sing! I am so happy that the Army did the right thing by releasing Diego. These two need each other and they have served our country bravely. Congratulations to all, a job well done!
beautiful story- nothing is too hard to find your best friend. thank you both for your service and i hope you can help each other get thru the PTSD.
So happy to learn that Logan and Diego have been reunited at last! I hope they will have many happy years together from now on.
Happiness has filled my eyes with tears, joy is trickling down my cheeks, REUNITED! It get's no better than this. The rest of your days together shall B filled with Joy & Harmony. CONGRATULATIONS !
DOnt worry Logan....God will definitely help you reunite with your Diego....Amen!
God bless both of you. You both found each other miles and miles apart. It was just meant to happen! Such perseverance! I'm so happy to hear of this happy ending! We need more of these!!
What a fantastic story and a happy ending for these 2 brave heroes. I wish them the very best of luck for the future.
Wow. What a wonderful story . There wont be anything in the world that could separate those two anymore. The bond must be so strong not anyone could imagine . Congratulations to Logan Black. Diego must be really happy to have reunited with you.
just 4 more days 2 hero's will b back 2getta! thank u!! thank u!
Hey everyone, Diego is coming home! Just got the news on his Facebook, Logan is picking him up on August 7th at 8am!!!
Thank you so much for serving our country to keep us safe. Praying that you and Diego will be reunited very soon....my heart goes out to you. God Bless and never lose the faith that you two will be reunited again and what a blessing it will be for both of you~
Hey, Army PR department! Got a PR op for you - retire Diego and send him back to Logan Black, then make sure it gets on the air all over the country.
Cindy, I agree. He served his country just like his human and both should be allowed to recover from their PTSD together. I feel that would be the most humane way for them both.
I can't believe that they are actually "working" this dog considering he was no longer able to serve because of the PTSD! What is wrong with our society? Send him "home" with Logan, where he belongs!!!
Sandra yes he is in the USA working because Logan did not get first chance to adopt Diego the law enforcement agency did .that is why they have been apart for so long
Congratulations on finding Diego. You two belong together to move through each day with your PTSD. I admire you both and your courage not only serving our country, but each day with PTSD. Pleased keep trying to get Diego back in your arms...he needs you just as much as you need him.
Logan, I wanted to clear up any misconception my previous post may have left you or anyone else with. I wasn’t suggesting you use your diagnosis of PTSD to attempt to manipulate the military into releasing Diego into your care. First off, we both know the military isn’t easily manipulated into anything. My suggestion was since you both suffer from PTSD and from the same exact source, and as Diego was no longer serving in that capacity, your own VA advisors could assist you in both locating and securing his retirement. Those who suffer PTSD are often comforted by the companionship of others who have been through similar circumstances. I am diagnosed with PTSD from my time in the military dating back to Viet Nam. At any rate, congratulations on locating Diego. I hope you are able to secure the companionship of your partner and friend in the near future.
Thanks for your service, and good luck with your search for Diego, you guys belong together after what you've been through. I really think you should push your diagnosis of PTSD on this and if you are being treated by the VA for your PTSD try to enlist their help, it certainly can't hurt.
Thank you for your service to our country. Prayers that you are able to find your friend Diego. I think handlers should have first option of adopting their partners. Good luck and God Bless!!
PLEASE contact NOWZAD.ORG This organization is helping soldiers reunite with their K9 partners! With gratitude and very best wishes!
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