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Newly adopted shelter dog saves Boxer puppy

Custom_sam_sheepdog_300_thumb By Martha | | Comments (3)


Adopted shelter dog saves boxer puppy

"Thank God for my new doggie, Daisy. She is an angel sent from heaven," exclaimed Peggy Wyatt. Daisy had just begun to live with Wyatt, when the dog ended up saving the life of her Boxer puppy by dragging her to safety near her home.

The Murray, Kentucky resident had gotten Daisy in a 'round about way, after finding her in a parking lot near her workplace. 

She let her friends on Facebook know she had found the dog, and by odd coincidence, her friend Barry James, saw her post and recognized Daisy. She had escaped her leash and run away a few hours earlier. James went straight over to Wyatt's work and gave her the background story of Daisy. 

James and his wife had rescued Daisy from the Calloway County Animal Shelter after their last dog died. Daisy was facing death row and when she came up to them they decided to rescue her. However, James was increasingly concerned that Daisy was unhappy inside their small home and as much as they loved having the Pointer-Labrador with them, James realized they were probably not the right fit for the active dog.

After hearing Daisy's story, Wyatt offered to take Daisy in. She has several dogs and acreage and felt she could offer Daisy a good home, with doggie company and lots of outdoor space. Both agreed it would be the best thing for Daisy's well being. 

So Wyatt took Daisy home, and the dog bonded well with her "pack" and especially with Lori, her nine-month old Boxer. 

One morning, Wyatt let Daisy and Lori outside to play while she got ready for work. A short time later, Daisy ran up to the door frantically trying to get Wyatt's attention. 

"She came up to the door like she was trying to beat the door down, and I thought, 'What is her problem?'" Wyatt told the Murray Ledger. "So I tried to let her in, and she wouldn't come in and she kept nipping at me."

Wyatt followed after Daisy towards the woods and Daisy raced ahead. A few seconds later, Wyatt "saw her coming back up, and she had Lori by her neck."

She immediately took Lori to the veterinarian where Lori was patched up for some broken bones in her right paw and a broken left leg. Shocked over the accident, it took Wyatt several hours to recover and absorb what had happened to Lori. 

Although she does'nt know for sure how Lori got injured, she suspects she fell over a ledge near the creek at her home.

"There's a drop-off straight into the creek...and it's nothing but rocks," she said. "I think they were playing, and Lori was running and couldn't stop, and her paw went under the rocks and she flipped. So she got pretty banged up all over."

Wyatt was extremely relieved that Daisy was around when the accident happened. Wyatt was also amazed by Daisy's protective instincts towards the pup and her instincts to come and alert her to the danger Lori was in.

Wyatt believes that Daisy sees Lori as her own puppy. Prior to being spayed, Daisy appears to have given birth, so Wyatt thinks Lori brings out the rescue dog's maternal instincts. Now back at home, Daisy is still protective over Lori. 

When James heard what Daisy had done, he was proud of his former dog, and felt her actions show how precious rescue dogs can be. "A lot of people won't get a dog from the pound because they think they're all just (misfits), but we got that dog right from the pound and that's what kind of dog that was – on her own. Nobody taught her that." 

James added: "I just want to get through to people that there are good dogs at the pound – and you should go over there and adopt them." 


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Comments on this Article

I understand where you are coming from, Threenorns. It is just so neat to see and hear. It is something humans "should" do and know better and (for the most part) taught better. Four-legged babies aren't "taught" per say, to do that. I think that is why it is so amazing to me. I love it and I love my four-legged children more than anything in this world. I lauhed when you said, "I'm amazed when humans act like this." It is sad, but true, now-a-days.
Amen to threenorns, you are so right. We all need to try to be more like our pets; loving and kind.
it baffles me why anybody would be amazed when animals act like this. personally, i'm amazed when humans act like this.
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